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  1. Yeah I did watch and read a fair few explanations (some better than others) of what goes into making online games possible, and I understand the games bandwidth is fairly minimal.. Seems odd that a 70mb connection would have any problems, and very strange that there would be more than when it was a 20mb connection.. I play on PC, but yes it is in the hyper traffic selection and the other settings are as you suggested (although I still mess with things just to see what results I get)..
  2. You would think so wouldn't you, but maybe it's just a side affect.. I notice the faster my connection has got (20mb, then 50mb, then 70mb) the worse my game experience has got in subtle ways.. I can't say I know why, but the affects of the most recent jump from 50mb to 70mb was noticeable for sure.. Other wise I wouldn't have even thought to bother with this hardware..
  3. That would be great thanks.. I'm starting to see some progress at least in knowing when I'm on a UK server and things are good, and when to leave due to distance!
  4. Yeah I've zoomed in and out, the only uk location I see is near the south coast, two of my friends live more up north way and several around London and home counties. I've never seen any locations on the map near any of them. I'll add any more ID's as I find them.. EA didn't put as much effort into SWBF as they have for BF1 obviously, so servers seem to be sporadic at best! I would expect the biggest circle to be the server, but honestly, while I'm in game it can very often be EA's credential servers in the US that show up as the largest. I can be sure I'm not connected to them for a game server as I might be getting 25-30ms ping which I would guess to be UK or France. If there was a colour system for servers and players different to the current one it might help. For example, Green - the currently connected game server, Blue - other players, Red - non-active servers, and have those reflected in the deny allow section maybe. I understand that currently the colours reflect the devices at the top, but I'd imagine most of us are only using one device for gaming at a time so maybe they could be numbered instead. Getting the map, the server info, ping info and Deny Allow section into a smaller space would be good, I have to do a lot of scrolling up and down, sometimes it's not easy to see what's been selected and it can jump from something selected to something else, I'm not sure why. I get temp ban instead of update sometimes when I'm trying to tag a server that has been found, I guess it's switching my selection back to the currently active server or something. Maybe these things will all be resolved in DumaOS. Sounds like you've got a lot of work on at the moment! Thanks again for the help so far..
  5. Ok, I'll try that and see what shows up! Thanks.. Yeah I understand the concept behind lag comp, but there seems to be an extra element of the net code that penalizes faster connections over slower ones, not to the extent that having a slower connection is better, but there is some discrepancy that causes annoying results. (There are no kill cams in SWBF fortunately!). More experimentation is needed I guess.
  6. ID: b19f98633c509499 Another West Coast EA Credential server ID: b19fb07b3c509499 East US (Chicago kinda area) ID: 25a25d283fc4f9fe UK Server ID: 469b2ffa38e58085 Poland
  7. Yes, it didn't seem to work, I had to set the radius back to the entire world and try many times over about 15 minuets to get back into a game (with EA account disconnected messages constantly coming up).. I can't say that I've ever seen players locations come up on the map?! I know where several of the friends I play with live, and they never appear.. Also is it likely to be picking up the location of the Discord server we use for chat while in game? (I guess not it as it seems relatively unaffected).. 1. OK, it doesn't seem to be, but maybe something else is causing the log off and lobby boot issue.. 2. OK, I put something in as a test, I'd like to remove it for neatness sake, but it's not a problem for it to be there I guess.. 3. Great, wish I'd known that before purchase. Please add it!! SWBF2 is not that far off!!! 4. OK, I may try adjusting that a little, my base ping is usually around 8-12ms.. 5. OK, pretty much as I thought. 6. If the unit worked 100% straight out the box I wouldn't need to adjust anything. The settings are made for adjusting and experimenting so an easier profile update would be useful.. 7. I'm not sure that is the case when lag comp is thrown into the mix, I've had some great games on UK servers but people connecting from further out with high pings seem to cause more frustrating issues.. These are, as far as I can work out from a quick, check the ID's for EA's SWBF log on servers and possibly game servers. ID: b19fa6713c509499 USA ______These two seem to be what my EA ID is checked against and are in the same place on the US West Coast.. ID: b19fae793c509499 USA 2 _l ID: 25a25e293fc4f9fe UK (Ones that show up but don't seem to be used) ID: 3e6ddca70addc3c8 Japan ID: b9af703b4c58282d Australia ID: c9b903ce56682d32 South America There are more as I been connected to one in France and one in possibly Berlin, Germany, will update if I see them next time I'm playing.. I don't have any way to add friends to my allow list, as I say, their locations don't seem to show on the map and neither does any other player in game, I can't even be very sure which one is the server I'm connected to as the map can be a bit vague with it's information.. SWBF only offers the option to set your region to a continent (Aus, Asia, EU, South Ame, US East, US West, or Automatic, I've tried both EU and Automatic but it still seems to want to validate me with the US, so no games unless the Geo-filter is practically off! There is also no way to pick a server to play on, you select the mode, the game finds a server, no server information is provided (very frustrating and pretty terrible in this day & age!).. I guess they wanted to make it A) more console/kid friendly (Stupid decision for a FPS) and try to hide the player numbers maybe (They were on the decline from day one which is a shame for such a great game, but they had a fair boost recently with it being free on EA Access).. One of the other main reasons I got this router was to enable me to tell our friends if we were playing on a server further away, so we could leave, or not expect a very responsive game, the fact that the map is so vague has not helped much.. Thanks for your help so far..
  8. I mostly play Star Wars Battlefront on PC, I have trouble joining my friends games, get booted from lobbies and get "Can't Connect to EA Servers" messages fairly often unless I turn the Geo-filter off. Or unless I set it to almost the entire united states (obviously defeating the object of it and the main selling point of the router). I believe this may have something to do with EA credentials being checked on EA servers prior to being able to join any games. Is there a way to manually white-list the server I believe it is contacting and still leave the filter at my chosen 1000km setting? ** I think I may have inadvertently discovered how to do this. After selecting naming and updating the server if I move its quality percentage until it's in the green I presume it should still connect despite being outside the Geo-filter?! I've only just found this so it's yet to be tested (If this is correct, achieving this is not very well described in the support articles!)** How long after settings in the Geo-filter are changed do they take to come into effect? Is there a delay or are they instant. How do I remove devices and associated games from the Select Games / Services option at the top of the Host filtering page? There is no delete option. Why do I get no statistics other than the current ping on servers even when I name and update them? There is never anything in the Host Analysis page. What does the Ping Assist actually do, and what should it be set to? (No information is provided in any of the help documents as far as I could see?) Does Hyper-Traffic ignore any Device Prioritisation congestion settings and allocate maximum bandwidth to the selected machine, or does it just try to get the packets from a selected machine to the front of the queue more often? Why is there no way to update Profiles after loading and changing the settings of them? I have to keep deleting them and re-saving them. The reason I bought this router was more to try to help eliminate the phantom "Lag Compensation", I have a fairly fast 70mb down/5mb up virgin connection, but am constantly plagued by behind cover deaths and bizarre instances of people seeming to be targeting me where I was, but me still taking damage even though I'm no longer there. Is there anything this router can do to help me? I've had this router for about 2 weeks now, and to be honest I'm not really sure it's of much use if it doesn't work with my preferred game and these problems cannot be resolved. I hope some of these questions can be answered and I can start to get some benefit from it!
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