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  1. I try to switch my wireless to 5ghz and it shuts off the wireless side all together. I've tried to reset mulitple times with no luck Running on R1 debug version 1.03.4 running on rb-951g-2hnd Any suggestions?
  2. ok i will try thank you i fowarded port 3076 and it seemed to help alot
  3. R1 debug version 1.03.4 running on rb-951g-2hnd Can i upgrade please? I'm ready to upgrade, please let me know when i can safely do so
  4. what i did and helped me out is that i hardwired my laptop into the netduma. type in your and you shouldn't have to enter the password, from there you can go in and change the wifi password to something easier then what's on the side of the box. My wifi stopped working too, so all you have to do is reboot it and make sure that your wifi is enabled. Hope you get it fixed!!
  5. I have tried everything that i could, i will apply a screen shot of all ports that i've fowarded and it shows on my xbox under network settings that i have an open nat, but in infinite warfare and bo3 it shows moderate. Even when i try to join somone's game it won't let me!! I added 3076 for both and now i have an open nat, but when i enable the geo filter i can't connect to anyone
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