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  1. How do you change the Network Security Key then?? Sorry to be so thick headed about all this.... major frustration with our time difference..... 5 hrs....
  2. I did that and was able to access the interface and change the wifi settings.... the problem now is when I go to connect to the netduma network, it asks for the 12 digit Network Security Key...it's on the bottom of the router itself....I enter it and it keeps saying it's the wrong key code...it's the one I put in before and it worked but doesn't now....why is that???
  3. I have done that....what it keeps saying now is "the network security key isn't correct...please try again" .... I put the same 12 digit key in just like the first time and not it doesn't work.
  4. I entered the 12 digit code on the bottom of the router just like before....Keeps telling me I entered the wrong code....is there another code??
  5. Ok...first...THANK YOU all for your help.... ..... I did get a little further.... put netdumar1 in both passphrase and SSID.... that worked...then it asked for the Network Security Key..... NOW it keeps telling me that the Network Security Key isn't correct.... I entered the same one as before..... confused as to why it isn't working
  6. Hello all, This is Hank.... first...please forgive my lack of knowledge or expertise with all this.... OK...bought netduma modem for our son for birthday.... we hooked everything up and it was working fine at first.... then it went wonky and slowed down big tie then nothing was happening....I hit the reset button on the back of the modem to reset..... NOW here is where the problem lies.... I hooked to my laptop via Ethernet cable and the other end in the number 2 port on the netduma.... at first I couldn't get anywhere....then I realized my browser wasn't Google Chrome...got on chrome and was able to access the page where the interface is.... I went to settings then wifi and type in the passphrase area netdumar1 and hit apply.... when I re-hook up everything and try it keeps saying I cannot connect to the netduma network...WHAT AM I DOING WRONG??? Like I said I'm not the savy with this...I need a step by step
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