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  1. Like bigdog I was with VM for a good 20 years until changing to TalkTalk 76mb 2 weeks back. The TalkTalk is leaps and bounds better than vermin media, playing rocket league for example I ping around 4ms higher but it is stable unlike VM which would bounce all over the place and that was even with the sh2ac
  2. I turned off my geo filter this weekend as a test.... Been the best weekend I have had on FUT champs and was the smoothest it has been Confused isn't the word
  3. I tweeted about this hoping for it to be in duma OS... It's for security reasons obviously when playing p2p games and the other players ip comes up
  4. My gameplay gets worse every week, It was ok Saturday (went 10-5), Sunday was a disgrace (5-20 shambles).... Putting tomato firmware on an Asus n66u today to see what that does
  5. Agreed when the gameplay is decent it's a joy to play but it is far to inconsistent... I have had about 15 games out of 650 that have been smooth. Alot of it boils down to ea being cheap skates and using very poor servers, they went down twice over the weekend and that's without any major sbcs going on... Should be Bundesliga this week so will be bad again. Have a look here, there are many of us who are struggling with the Input lag https://fifaforums.easports.com/en/discussion/comment/4972593#Comment_4972593
  6. The servers are mislocated in the US, they should ping between 25-50ms which will be the Irish ones which are still awful but need to have them allowed for Weekend League otherwise you wouldn't get a game
  7. Yes that worked, need to keep assist on though as these servers are mislocated or I would never get a game
  8. this is with only the 2 servers in the circle in my allowed list
  9. I reset my allow/blocked servers on the geo filter... What I don't get is that the weekend league servers all show in US (yes I know they are mislocated) but some it will not connect to as the warning icon shows up but other times it's will connect to the server even though I have not allowed it to. Confuses me greatly. New ISP (VM to TalkTalk) next month so hopefully that will improve anything for me
  10. Morning. I've just about had enough of Virgin Media 100mb in my area which has been over subscribed for god knows how many years now and when ringing up to complain I always get the usual well the speeds are fine.... Yes but the quality for gaming is shite.. Been looking at Vodafone 76mb and though it looks decent from what I have read about I've been unable to find out if it comes with ipv6 (virgin only ipv4) and they don't give out pppoe info so not sure how I would use the duma with it. Any info would be great
  11. i requested a 2ac to replace my SH3, it arrived yesterday and internet is more stable ...(Fifa on XB1 is still gash though)
  12. still been appalling on weekend league, did a trace to easo.ea.com and got these results Host Name IP Address Hop Ping Time Ping Avg % Loss Pkts r/s Ping best/worst R1.lan 1 0ms 0ms 0% 101 / 101 0ms / 4ms * Unknown Host * 2 7ms 100% 0 / 101 pres-core-2a-xe-231-0.network.virginmedia.ne62.255.6.185 3 8ms 9ms 0% 101 / 101 7ms / 31ms * Unknown Host * 4 0ms * Unknown Host * 5 0ms * Unknown Host * 6 0ms * Unknown Host * 7 0ms * Unknown Host * 8 0ms tclo-ic-3-ae0-0.network.virginmedia.net 9 18ms 16ms 0% 101 / 101 15ms / 28ms akamai.prolexic.com 10 24ms 100% 0 / 101 unknown.prolexic.com 11 23ms 24ms 0% 101 / 101 22ms / 35ms unknown.prolexic.com 12 21ms 20ms 0% 101 / 101 19ms / 30ms * Unknown Host * 13 114ms 100% 0 / 100 unknown.prolexic.com 14 112ms 113ms 0% 100 / 100 111ms / 127ms * Unknown Host * 15 112ms 100% 0 / 100 * Unknown Host * 16 116ms 116ms 0% 100 / 100 114ms / 127ms fert01.abn-iad.ea.com 17 113ms 100% 0 / 100
  13. just a little question.... what should be ticked/unticked in Misc settings??
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