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  1. Do we have to untick/tick the settings, or reboot the device? Or does it change automatically? Are the servers the same for all platforms (PS4 / Xbox)?
  2. Hi Fraser, here in this topic? I tried to pm you the link but it says "you can`t receive new messages"
  3. I also noticed the same sometimes. When I clicked on the server in the geo filter I noticed that sometimes it had different IDs but was showing up on the exact same place. When I start the game it is always connecting to a server on the west coast (on the map) It shows a ping around 120ms. For me that means, I'm always connected to a server with a high ping, to sync my profile and other general stuff. When I start a weekend League match, I connect to different servers with much lower ping. 25ms-50ms depends on which server. Many different IDs but always same place on the map.
  4. Friday sounds good. I think it is GMT+2 now. We changed time a few weeks ago. We have european summertime now, here in Germany. I never been good in time zones stuff. :-) What I am 100% sure is, that we are one hour ahead of London.
  5. Hi Fraser, Thank you. I would feel better if you could have a look. Want to make sure that there is nothing I left out. I made a post in my already existing thread in the 1on1 section.
  6. Hi, I would feel better if we tried the 1on1. Just to make sure that there is nothing I left out. I am available the entire week from 4pm till late. Next week monday I'm off from work. Would be happy to do this. Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.
  7. Ok. Thanks for that. The fact that others don't have issues or just minor issues makes me wonder why I get this and why other games are fine. Even 2 friends with the same isp who live nearby, don't get this. I think I have to give up with this game. Makes me big headaches. Don't know what else to test or to do. Thank you all for your replies.
  8. I don't have another modem to test. This is my own modem, not rented from the Cable ISP. As far as I know, they have 3 different modems which they provide: -Technicolor TC 7200, -Fritzbox 6490 -Connect Box. I would rent one of their's or buy another if this would solve the problem. I don't know if all the cable modems can be used with my ISP (Unitymedia) Is the whole test showing bad results or only the part with the big spikes? Because a match of Fifa is 2x 6 minutes and I get this judder/delay the entire match and not only at certain points of the match. I have to add, that I just started to play FPS games. I couldn't play this Fifa because of the delay. I never get bad gameplay in Bf1, IW or MWR. How can that be, that it doesn't happen in this games?
  9. Thanks for your reply. Here is a line test to twitter.com for reference. Are these spikes acceptable or is it something I should worry about? Thanks.
  10. Hi, I was hoping that somebody could have a look over this pingplotter test. The IP supposed to be a game server according to another forum. Is there anything suspicious? I don`t know if it´s ok or if there maybe is something I can confront my ISP with. Thank you
  11. Hi RobertFUT17, You will be able to control that the game will put you on servers near your location, for FUT Champions. Maybe you will need some attempts in the matchmaking screen, but you will find a match on a near server. You will not be able to choose only to play against UK players for FUT Champions. You connect to the Server first and then it will assign you the opponent. FUT Seasons and H2H Seasons is a different story because it's played P2P. In this modes you can choose to play only against UK players for example.
  12. Thanks for your replies. So I think I will just leave it like it is. I thought it would be better to have access to the Wan port, because it is the recommended way of setting up the netduma. But if it doesn't make a difference to putting it in the dmz, I better don't mess around with my setup. Thank you.
  13. Hi, I have a 150/10 cable connection. It is a business plan. I would have the possibility to change from my current dynamic IP to a static IP. Both work with ipv4 protocol. At the moment I have a fritzbox modem-router combo and my Netduma is in the dmz of the fritzbox. I can't put it in bridge mode because I don't have access to the WAN port. My question would be, if there are any big pros or cons, to change to a static IP? I just read that changing to static, would disable the router function and then firewall of the fritzbox and then I would have access to the Wan port. Are there any other benefits, especially for gaming? I don't need to run a server or anything like that. Thank you.
  14. Ok. I understand. No problem. To be honest, I also think that there is no need for a 1on1. I think this problem has nothing to do with my settings. I may be wrong, but that is what I think. There is only one thing that bothers me. It is the mislocated servers. I'm so sorry to mention it again but the first time I asked for it is 2 months ago and I read that people been asking for the same thing even before that. Not only here in this forum. I spend a lot of time in other forums as well and so many people complain about it but nobody has the confidence to ask here. I do understand that you have a lot of work with DumaOS and other things and I really appreciate all your work and effort with this great product. Normally I'm not that kind of person that asks many times for the same thing but you can't imagine how much time I've spent to try to solve this issues. There are so many different servers popping up in my Geofilter page. All with different id's but all in the same place. I can't figure out which one is a Dutch server or an Irish server. One server even pops up in the Antarctica on the map, sometimes. It seems that they have many different servers at the same place. I always get connected to another. Even when I gave it a bad rating before. I read in other forums that some servers work better for some people. Depending on the location they are based. I'm sorry for all this. This is the last time I will ask about it.
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