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    Brian25savannah got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in The geo filter was not able to access the cloud   
    I think I fixed it, I clicked force cloud update and it just allowed me to add my Xbox to the geofilter 

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    Brian25savannah reacted to BENORMOUS in Something has changed with IW   
    I think the game is having its period,for a good few months I've been having good games good hit reg but I tried playing this wknd and I really really struggled,I certainly know how to play the game and I'm holding a 2.8 kd with 500spm on tdm but this wknd I've struggled like mad to go positive against players with less than a 1 k.d it is very strange,I gave up and jumped on bf1 and that played flawless all wknd great hit reg and smooth gameplay so I know my Internet is fine and the duma is doing its job,I honestly think there's like a time a limit where you have great gameplay before it moves on and it your turn to suffer for a week or two,I've not had solid gameplay for a few years now especially on cod but other games like I said play great everytime and that is call of duty for you lol
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    Brian25savannah got a reaction from YOBIGDUSOFLY in Locked on A Dedicated Server on Xbox Live   
    It seems to do this to me with a server in or around Miami. I'm in Savannah Georgia and the game likes to put me in lobbies on this server when it's outside my geofilter. It could be my fault because I'm a Netduma noob but I will ban the server and IW or Xbox still puts me on it. Some games are okay but it brings in a lot of players from outside the US.
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