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  1. Just another question, I know I’m probably a weirdo for liking infinite warfare, much less having over 100 days on it 😂, but I tried the preset call of duty mode in the geo filter and I felt like it wouldn’t let me connect to games. Would custom be better for older, less populated cods?
  2. I think I fixed it, I clicked force cloud update and it just allowed me to add my Xbox to the geofilter
  3. Just upgraded to a xr1000 from my old R1. Having some issues with getting the geofilter and QOS setup with my Xbox. I was just wondering if there is an easy fix for this. The original netduma was pretty easy to use but this not so much, my laptop kind of sucks so that doesn’t help, was using my iPad previously.
  4. It seems to do this to me with a server in or around Miami. I'm in Savannah Georgia and the game likes to put me in lobbies on this server when it's outside my geofilter. It could be my fault because I'm a Netduma noob but I will ban the server and IW or Xbox still puts me on it. Some games are okay but it brings in a lot of players from outside the US. https://imgur.com/a/5kLa3
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