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  1. Hi All I have had my R500 running with ports forwarded for my PS4 for a long time and my R1 before that. I have always been able to get an open NAT this way. Having bought myself a PC and wantign to enjoy some of the benefits of PC gaming I trieds to get the PC ports forwarded also following advice from on here and youtube. Unfortunately I am still struggling with a moderate NAT. CAn anyone help? These are the PC ports I have forwarded TCP: 3074,27014-27050 UDP: 3478,4379-4380,27000-27031,27036 UPnP is on as it is with the PS4. I should also note that my PS4 is also still set to be port forwarded and that my geo filters for both console and PC are set to spectate. HELP :) Thanks
  2. Ok Thanks. I will try this when I get a chance to upgrade again to DUMAOS. Essentially what you are saying though is that the Geofilter doesn't work? To get a good connection we must just use Ping Assist. I don't understand how I only get peer to peer on dumaos yet straight away I get dedicated on R1 software. I accept some are mislabelled but when looking at the Id's I can see mostly peer to peer. Can I ask why we are setting geofilter to the ocean when doing this test?
  3. Sorry Fraser.... is this on DumaOS or the old version of the R1 software?
  4. Just downgraded and I'm back to where it should be. Straight into games with a 14ms ping. something is happening with DumaOS that is not working properly with my settings / connection etc. Happy to stay here to be honest. Dumaos looks great but this works fine
  5. Ill downgrade and try. I shouldnt be getting a ping of 50 when my ping assist set at 30ms. Joined a friend and he searched for a game. Straight onto a dedicated server and 27ms ping. Connection was crisp (Not downgraded 
  6. Hi Fraser. This is where things have got weird. The duma would sometimes say ping of 20ms and game says 300 plus. I can assure you the game one was more correct. Most of the time though the duma would say 120ms ish which has been the issue. Previous to the update to duma os i would get somewhere between 17-25ms. I will try your suggestion and report back DO I need to move the home back to my location before I search? Screenshot below was taken in the game i just played. Ping fluctuated between 50 and 95. Took 90 seconds to find a game of multi.
  7. Hi there. I have been massively struggling with the new dumaos and blackops 4. The geofilter doesnt seem to work as i get connected to servers outside of my circle. I get pinged back to the home screen when trying to enter matches. Pings of over 100ms despite ping assist being at 50ms Way more peer to peer connections when geo filter is on Spectator mode still stops me connecting to good connections The QOS does work properly as even with a 1gb connection it stops my tv streaming. I have an open nat with open ports for cod games set. I have tried geo on and off with strict on and off. HELP!!!!
  8. The only device on hyper traffic is the ps4. It is the only device I care about. I genuinely feel hyper traffic isnt working at all here.
  9. Also the ps4 is wired and the Fire stick for streaming is about 3ft from the router. I dont think this is an issue The user interface is also very slow from time to time. I think I have the Duma working well when i dont have anyone else on the internet but currently I am not getting it to work as it should.
  10. Fraser, I am running 75 mb down and 18 up. I will be running 1000mb up and down in about two weeks so II guess that will help, but I dont think there should really be a bandwidth problem at all. Everything is going through the R1 but I will also try turning share excess off and see how that goes. Any further advice would be appreciated.
  11. Hey there, I am looking for some advice and help. I am currently experiencing issues with my connection when I am streaming something as well as playing. Everything is set up correctly with speeds and 70% up and download. But when i'm streaming the the ping to host is spiking from 22ms to 850ms and back. This suggests to me that the router isnt functioning as it should. Do I need to use hyper traffic to make this work properly? I have tried adding hyper traffic and it doesnt seem to help. Can anyone advise?
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