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  1. If I was Netgear, I'd be very interested reading this thread and the promises made by my software partner. I'd also be very concerned for the quality and roadmap of deliverables for my XR500 flagship product!
  2. They are still advertising that the VPN is functional on the R1 and it hasn't worked in over 2 years with no fix in sight.
  3. I asked the other day and was met with silence. Don't hold your breath
  4. update please on the release time of the update
  5. I'm not annoyed with the development time. I'm annoyed that we are given a deadline by NetDuma and it's consistently missed by large amounts of time. Either the accuracy of estimation needs to be adjusted or just not say anything and surprise your customers. "a few weeks" has come and gone, and "a few weeks" more since then. When is the actual deadline?
  6. looks like they they still haven't learned to under promise and over deliver. They have it all backwards at NetDuma.
  7. several updates for the XR500, none for the R1. Thanks. Early adopters who helped spread the word about Netduma are being defecated on from a very great height. If you do this to R1 owners, I'd be very wary about becoming a XR500 owner.
  8. Yeah i almost forgot about the broken proxy function that suggests to use a premium service that i signed up to and continue to pay for whilst waiting patiently for a promised fix to the software so that i can use it for what its intended to do.
  9. I'm happy to update now and not roll back. why don't you release this version marked pre-release and not able to be downgraded and give people the choice to install it. I'll take it at my own risk.
  10. sounds like you are using the nighthawk as your modem. if so you won't be able to use the nighthawk wifi because if you do, you won't be using the netdumas features. in this case, nighthawk (with wifi off) > netduma (with wifi on) > devices
  11. is there any plans to add dynamic dns to netduma? Im about to be upgraded to HFC and they say they can't give me a fixed IP address. I noticed there is no dynamic dns in the router
  12. The practice is nothing new, corporate golf days do the same thing, pair 2 great clients with 2 potential clients and grease them all up with free beer for 4 hours, easiest sale you will ever have. same sort of thing goes for this patent, get some clients, and potential clients together, let the potentials see the cool thing the clients bought which will make them covet the item. not exactly groundbreaking, but the implementation and engine to run it is clearly patentable. The trick for us gamers now is to not get angry, but make sure everyone is educated enough to not fall for these shifty sales strategies, and to punish these companies by not buying their microtransactions.
  13. I work in the software industry, I have seen patents be submitted just in case anyone else tries to implement the idea successfully, which in turn entitles me as the patent holder to a slice of the pie. Apple does this all the time. It may never be implemented by activision, but if a competitor uses it, its free money. a $15k patent from a multi billion dollar company like activision is nothing to them.
  14. Just an update the latest xbox dash comes with the ability to use custom ports, I have not had a single issue with party chat since the update
  15. I hope so, i had over 2000 hours on my hunter in D1, i didn't even play destiny this weekend. The game is crap.
  16. I disagree with the weapons. everyone thinks mida is OP but you can compete with almost anything. it's all about map placement and teamwork. I've only been flawless 4 times in D2, so I'm no pvp god but can obviously hold my own. I agree D2 is boring as hell, I've been playing Fortnite battle royale and having a ball. It's free and I highly recommend it.
  17. Netduma can't control Bungie's programming. I've been using the Netduma just fine, the beaver errors etc are happening with my friends who do not have Netduma, the servers are still a bit flaky - the game is only 6 weeks old.
  18. I'm almost certain the game works off timezones, not geolocation. In Australia we get people +/- 3 hours east and west and people from japan, south korea and guam. which are almost 10000km away.
  19. I'm in Australia and it works flawlessly. I have the geofilter set to include melbourne, sydney, brisbane and adelaide, with it on i never get kiwi hosts or people from guam. Its a shame you didn't give it a go, with it setup properly its worth its weight in gold.
  20. Sounds like cheating to me. It's not hard to go flawless in D2
  21. Gee I hope so. Its frustrating.
  22. I'm playing destiny 2 right now, so i've got the geofilter disabled, same problem.
  23. no mate, i am cutting edge, not bleeding edge ;-)
  24. Hi Jack, yes i do have open nat on all consoles using upnp. We don’t have many wireless devices but will try anything at this point
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