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  1. Hey everyone, wanted to first start off by saying truly enjoy the product. Would like to remove some frustration from gaming against those who are at a ping way outside my comfort zone 100-300ms (Didn't take the screen shot in time). When Peer Ping is selected and I'm seeing above average pings (my opinion) I don't have the luxury of trying to click on every circle to try and find which one is the culprit. I know we discussed this sometime ago, and with the recent update I was hoping to see that capability included. Is there a way we the end user could click on the culprit displayed on peer ping, and have the circle on the map turn the color of the bar being selected. That would make life a whole lot simpler, then to be out of the game trying to ping every single circle. Thanks!
  2. Hi Jack Ok, is that under the Misc tab, the Host Filtering, Congestion? Not sure
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