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  1. Hey guys, if anyone could help me by going to my isp forums and explaining the issue to them that would be great as I'm not that technical and don't know how to find things out https://community.ee.co.uk/t5/Broadband/alot-of-packet-loss/m-p/535354/highlight/false#M24134 Thanks guys
  2. i have posted the issue on my ISP forum and they are asking for my DSL status of my router, they also wanted to know what exchange i am in, my ping to BBC.co.uk and my tracert to my game server. I have given them the information and no reply yet
  3. my brightbox i think is cable yes i will try and contact them asap and tell them this information thank you, i will let you now what happens
  4. any positives as i see a lot of reds but i dont actually know what they mean??
  5. i have tried new ports and before factory resetting my duma i am now using a different ethernet cable
  6. oh haha sorry, what do you mean by the term ''hops''??? **UPDATE** it has come up with 8 hops, how long do i wait to finish the test 10 minute???
  7. oh okay great i will factory reset and wait for 10 minutes, the ping plotter test will stop though is that okay??
  8. hi BENORMOUS i would factory reset but there has been rumours going round that doing so will freeze the duma, so what i have been doing is rebooting the duma once every hour before i started the pingplotter test.
  9. this was the pingplotter results when on twitter and bbc after 10 minutes guys
  10. okay i will go on twitter and bbc an test for 10 minutes
  11. what do you mean run it to bbc or twitter?? the ethernet cable is firmly in and the cable is only like 2 weeks old and is from netduma themselves
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