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  1. Hi there, just on the verge of buying a R1 router. Although they are rather expensive considering the exchange rate, customs and postage for my country so I just want to make sure I'm at least getting majority of what I am paying for. Am I able to block certain IP's from the matchmaking pool so I will no longer be able to connect to them if I am the host of that fireteam? or is it even necessary to be fireteam host (if it is possible to block IP's from the matchmaking pool to begin with)? Am I able to set the locale of the area/country I want to be match-made with even if it is not close to my home? Does this device dramatically impact the matchmaking algorithm for Destiny? (SBMM/CBMM hybrid Bungie currently uses) Also, are there any other tips from players who specifically play Destiny that they can offer? Thanks in advance. Merry Christmas :D
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