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  1. Yes sir.. I can switch between NA and EU servers...but nothing happens
  2. Hello to all. Situation: PUBG on PC with NetDuma R1 connected in cascade. My problem: From the Host Filtering I see only Irish servers. I do not see neither the UK servers nor the Cetral EU (Germany?). I would like to play only on DE or Central EU servers (as I do with COD ...). I reset and restart R1. In miscellanueos are green ticked both "Enable auto cloud" and "Bleeding edge cloud". I waited 24 hrs but did not update? Help.
  3. Frankly I don't understand all these negative comments. I am 48 years old and am an IT lawyer. Also, i own two R1s and frankly I don't feel the need to update them because they are from "God". Maybe I'll be alone, but I don't look forward to the update. I am afraid that this "feared" DUMAOS can block my sweet network. My infrastructure works great, I have no problems and when I buy a product, I take it for "what it is" and not for "what it could be". I fully agree with what was indicated by my English colleagues on the need to guarantee backwardness. (Anyone in the EU could prosecute netduma if it did not guarantee backwardness). That said, if the new OS arrives, I will try it, but if I don't like it, I must have the "right" to return to the current state. The one for which I decided to buy the R1 product, otherwise i'd buy new product.
  4. Hi to all, My name is Frank and i'm online gamer from almost 20 years. I started with a 28.8 modem, when in Europe (Switzerland, Germany, Holland and England) had connections 56k. Just came to me the 56K's, in the rest of Europe was traveling at 128k (ISDN ..). Then, when he got the ISDN from me, europe flew with DSL, then fiber. I introduce myself only today because in my city, finally, came the VDSL. At last trip to 100/20 and have a decent ping. Today, after 2 (yes! you read right ...) years of trials, tests and forum reading, I decided to introduce myself. I have TWO R1. So far I have used them just a little on the FPS (COD and BF, etc) because my adsl connection was uncompetitive. Since today, at last, I hope I will fly with netduma and my new Vdsl. Greetings from South-Italy Frank
  5. I've two R1 too and i like the canaries.....
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