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  1. I'll have to call back and all again. When I called my cable provider today they said I would need to basically need to pay for a whole other internet line because of having the second modem. I have optimum online in New York, and they suck
  2. I downloaded the program but not really sure what this is proving. Isn't the test still going through the router? Please forgive my ignorance here
  3. I don't think I can use that modern. I need phone line connection as well. Adding a second modem would require me paying for a second internet package. How is the Puma 5 chipset? I'm guessing it's older, but is it more reliable for gaming? There are modems with telephony that I can get that use it I just found the Ubee DVMA3202B modem. Any thoughts on this one?
  4. I have optimum online, 200 down, 35 up. I'm not sure if that modern is supported, but I will check it out. I'll check ping plotter as well. Thanks guys
  5. I was wondering if anyone else has had similar issues. I've noticed more lag playing gears of war 4 lately. This led me to check the ping test in the router and I noticed i had terrible scores for spike and jitter. After runing it a few times with the same results, I rebooted the router and all was good or exceptional. This now happens fairly often. I reset the router to default settings and configured the router properly again. This did not correct the behavior. I don't like the idea of constantly needing to reboot my router so I'm running out of ideas aside from moving to a different router. Does anyone have any advice?
  6. Thank you for the info on the ping. I noticed layer in the evening that it worked fine on my phone browser, but not on my surface pro chrome browner. I'll check the settings in chrome as suggested. Thanks again!
  7. Ive had some issues with lobby dropping when geo-filter is on. I had it set to about 1000km, and I did notice that with it off, i connected to a server outside of that range even though i am set to US east coast server. Most of my matches connect to a server that is about 800km from me, and every so often, to one that is just under 200km from. There seem to be host circles that pop up all over the place when playing this game, and I'll see more peer ping connections than there are people in the game (some reallly bad pings at that). The ping to server line graph seems to take a while to come up, or sometimes doesnt appear at sll. Usually, the number readout for my ping to server will appear. Titanfall 2 seems to work a lot better. The host map is MUCH easier to make sense of. The connction felt amazing. If anyone ever dives into GOW4 settings a bit deeper please keep let us know. This is the main reason i bought the router, to solve the mystery of the GOW connection issues EDIT: I found something weird, maybe part of the reason why the lobby dropping with geo-filter (especially with strict mode enabled). It seems even the nearest servers take a good route arund the contry before ended up at the server I'm connected to when i run the trace route. Interestly, I somettimes get a lower ping to a server that is farther away due to the route the traffic is taking. It seems all servers ended up back in WA, USA. EDIT 2: Host ping just gave up on me tonight. No number show or graph
  8. I'm not sure which server I was on, as I'm scheduled to get my R1 today. I found it interesting that even though two of us had selected different regions in game we were still able to play together. The GOW region setting must not be a hard lock to that region, abs I'm hoping the geo-filter can make it so
  9. For what it's worth, I partied up with someone in California to play. They had west coast server selected and I selected east coast and we got into the same game together without a problem. Maybe the region select isn't a hard lock,
  10. Thanks again, if it's not too much trouble can post the link to the Titanfall 2 recommended settings?
  11. Thanks Fraser, good to know that if nothing else, start with the titanfall settings. I'm wondering how this will work if I play with friends from California. With geo-filter on for me, will they always end up connecting to the east coast server? That would be great, lol. BTW, I have both tf2 and gow4 and live in NY, USA. Although I don't have a ton of extra time, I'd be happy to help test when I can
  12. Hello all, I'm new to the forum. I just ordered my R1 through Amazon, and I'm very excited. I hope this router helps with some of the spotty lobbies I get in playing GOW4. Is there any word on testing or recommended settings for gears of war 4 yet?
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