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  1. Look I disconnected my netduma the game plays the same when connected so it's the mechanics of the game you slide or jump in a gun fight you win and the fact that projectiles are part of this game now aswell you have to be more accurate my accuracy is about 27 percent and to me that's pretty good but the guns have really different kill rates and the attachments are either way to overpowered on some guns and not enough on others if you run around with the saug and double stock you are not a good player your just taking advantage of the bullshit in this game I'm sorry to say black ops 3 was a more balanced game
  2. The man is a beast I've be watching him for yrs, he never loses his positioning on the map is good aswell
  3. I agree with everything you said treyarch have no interest in this game at all bullshit lobbies and saying ping is key with is not true their trying to keep sales up and give the shit players a chance
  4. I was just checking mark of j stats he has a 6 kid and 40 percent accuracy which would probably help alot
  5. I wonder would it have anything to do with server location like how close are the to it at the end of the day or are they paying for shitty servers in the eu, the mark of I also always knows where the enemy is coming from
  6. Ya I watch two of them and your right but they are absolute beasts but the mark of j plays tdm or kill comfirmed, but I get what your saying it feels like their playing noobs all the time I do agree but their bullet seem very consistent aswell so I honestly dont know bud
  7. If your on about spratt hes a sniper and their overpowered as shit and if your on about pros well that's why their pros and they play on Lan, what you tubers are you talking about
  8. Listen buck I made this thread to help each other out, if your playing on us servers you dont know the issue and using your phone to make a point it's not really a good example, I know framerate issues when I see it a player who is shooting at you and hes strafing over and back and hes skipping and your bullets ain't connecting but you know you were hitting him and now and again instant deads and your like wtf that's framerate and not being able to run at 60 hertz, now the bigger question is I put up with the bullshit and still drop 30 to 40 kills a game why are you playing in America and why to you feel you need to play with them for lag comp and I connect to 25 ms dedicated servers never had anyless
  9. I play league and objective games, what ps4 do you have
  10. I took a week off the game and came back and do ya know what I noticed theirs serious frame rate issues players skipping across my screen and not all my shots connecting and getting destroyed and the guns that you have alot of movement with aim down sight are the worst cause you can see them gitter on my screen I thought it was lag but now I know the game cant run at 60 Hertzs and I think people with a good connection notice it more, i know ive lost the fight when I see them skip and it's not the Duma that's the problem just the game is just very badly made but as usual they will get away with because we have already payed for shit, the game wasnt right on release and it's still not right and their updates are absolutely rubbish very badly updated game goodjob tho treyarch spot on with their black market fucking assholes, look lads theirs no fixing multiplayer if whole issue is the game isn't performing right, let me know lads if ya notice this cause frame rate is so back and I think it's because it's too fast paced and the game cant keep up
  11. I give up cod is just trash and always will be, the person with shit internet do no realise how good they have it
  12. I decided to revert to the r1 had 2 games and hit detection seemed sweet il let ye know better after I play over 20 games
  13. Lads I wonder if ya turn off share excess in qos and set your devices individually to what down and up load ya want would your connection to the game be more stable
  14. It has to be lag completely that's causing this issue, cause I have mates with shitty internet and they destroy lobbies
  15. Well that opens the question does the new and improved netduma actually work, to be honest all the lobbies I get in to say 20 to 30 ping but they all play completely different
  16. Ya I have found tho you have to lead your shot in this game to kill aswell I'm on a fibre connection, but if I start shooting say at the back of the body I get a load of hit markers that's another thing I noticed in multiplayer, I know blackout is different that all about leading shots,
  17. I just use qos with geofilter in spectate mode and it seems to work for me ok but I hear what your saying, but it's good to know people have the same problem as me so I'm not crazy Haha, il try this setup for a few days and if it works il keep the Duma os but if not back to the r1 for me, but I will say the Duma os is class but it's just not performing for me
  18. So its confirmed its does work better, but what gets me is what's causing this on the Duma os their has to be an issue, at least the lads at netduma know theirs an issue somewhere so they can fix it because the games I get in to that say 20 ping dont feel like 20 ping games to be honest when your fighting players
  19. I was watching your clips nice, ya I used to notice alot of hit markers in blackout and they should have being deaths, I have set the Duma OS now but if my way fails me i will downgrade cause everyone is saying this so their must be truth in it, i love the Duma os so when it's fixed il be back, i also noticed well my friends have told me that sometimes in chat parties my voice does be breaking in and out, but my ps4 is prioritized so I dont no why this happens, but I only noticed this with my friend but he has a bad connection, but I have most bandwidth going to my ps4, I'll probably give it a few days and downgrade
  20. Dude I hear ya my ping is 14 and I alway get shot behind walls where I shouldn't and the kill cam show it oddly enough, but as I said up above with qos on and geofilter in spectate I have had a consistently had good game for the 2 hrs I played both times so you might be in to something yourself I dont know if geo is not working right but putting it that way worked for me👍
  21. Well lads I've done some testing and i seem to get better games when my geofilter is in spectators mode dont ask me why but i kill people alot easier, try it out and tell me how you do cause I tried this in the afternoon and around 8 in the evening just to make sure and I have be top of my table every game in league play so something has got to give, try it and let me know and good luck
  22. I've checked my connection no jitter and bufferbloat is low also, I'm testing everything, what did you do to fix?
  23. Guy you know what I was playing last night and I had my geofilter in spec mode and was having great games turned it to filter not so good, I'm gonna test this a little more tomorrow to see have I figured something out maybe a bug in the system or was is a placebo effect I will let you all know cause I never had such sweet hit detection in league in all my life, believe me dudes we will figure this out to help the Duma os excel.
  24. I notice sometimes people could be literally running through your bullets lol, but the game is unstable maybe time will make it better
  25. I agree everyone thinks when you have good ping it helps but only with some games, cod favours shit internet
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