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    TonyBlack88 reacted to hyperj123 in Is this too much to ask for?   
    So I'm a huge fan of Duma OS and I feel like there could be a win win situation here between the developers and the customers. Why not make a marketplace for R Apps and allow the community to develop them. I would imagine something along the lines of:
    User creates R App
    User submits to market place 
    Dev team approves
    App price is split with dev and creator
    This would allow a lot of things to be developed really fast and splitting the profit of the purchases would be mutually beneficial. 
    Obviously there would have to be an agreement and approval of developers they can be trusted with source code etc... And an NDA. 
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    TonyBlack88 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Black ops 3 inconsistent/laggy games   
    So I ping to the Dallas server that's on black ops 3, i'm 317.1 mi from Dallas so my ping is usually fluctuating between 19ms-23ms so I decided to use this on the pingplotter an here's my findings. 
    So it seems im having abit of packet lost smh. So I changed my abit from before an it's modem(Tplink TC-7610) -> Router(XR500) <- Router(R6300 AP mode),PS4 an Computer is connected into the XR500 but it seems like the wireless connection on the 6300 in ap mode is being a hit or miss. I know I need to call the internet provider Suddenlink. But even with the wifi turned off on the XR500 it's still feels very unplayable on black ops 3 but atleast now I can see where most the problem is coming from its my connection.
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    TonyBlack88 got a reaction from Netduma Admin in Black ops 3 inconsistent/laggy games   
    Alright I will try this out once im off from work.
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    TonyBlack88 reacted to BIG__DOG in Black ops 3 inconsistent/laggy games   
    you 2nd screenshot shows quite a few spikes and what looks like jitter. Are you gaming and doing these tests over wifi?  It maybe a good idea to run the same test without the XR500 to see what the graph looks like. I think you will find it is the same!
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