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  1. It runs on the steam gaming platform if this helps.
  2. I have recently bought a PC and play pro evolution soccer 18 on it. I used to have a PS4 which i used the my netduma on, and it worked perfectly, but on my PC my Netduma host filtering does not work. I know what the problem is i think, its the select service option on the set up which used to be a simple set up as i had it on playstation network, but i dont know what setting to put it on now so that it works, and the advanced option is confusing me. Anyone got any ideas on how i can solve my problem? really don't want to sell my Netduma as i have had it working perfectly for a few years now and would like to get it up and running on my PC again. Any help would be gratefully appreciated THANKS.
  3. Switched the port of my netduma to my ps4 and the problem seems to be solved, THANKs!!!
  4. I'm having problems with my netduma, my ps4 keeps disconnecting me from my games saying Lan cable disconnected. I've rebooted my netduma and also my bt infinity router numerous times but it still keeps happening. I've tried just using my bt router and the problem stops happening, so i know its my netduma. I've had the same setup for about 2 years with no problems, but now i'm having problems. Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated thanks.
  5. DHCP ip address is I use my netduma with my bt smarthub, which i use the wifi on. The netduma's wifi is not used.
  6. I'm using wifi, tried in safari and google but still no access.
  7. Can anyone tell me how to access the netduma router on my iphone5? Or tell me if it is possible to do so?
  8. My Internet diognosis has stopped working but it was a few weeks ago. Every time i try to use it it just starts but never finishes, even if i leave it on for 3 hours. Its doing my head in, please help
  9. My internet diagnostics is not working but it was last week. Any one else having this problem?
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