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XR500 + EX7300 - Will getting the Nighthawk S8000 switch help?

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Hi fellow Netduma Enthusiasts 



I just bought the Nighthawk XR500 router and have the EX7300 wireless extender.  Throughout the house I have 3 switches for lounge, theatre and gaming room. My question is......


Will swapping the standard GB switches for all Netgear S8000 Gigabit switches make a difference? Would it make a difference and make it worthwhile? There on special at moment and having all Netgear makes sense I think.


But as always you assistance would be greatly appreciated? 

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switches are just switches and Brand names are irrelevant. i have similar setup to you and i have various brands (all gigabit).

switches all talk to each other without any intervention. plug-and-play as such.


prob best to keep all as gigabit just...

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