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    Ian88 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Need urgent help   
    Thank God it didn't come to that, it was when I was trying to access it on my phone, it didn't give me the two boxes to fill.. only the username one.. tried on my ps4 and it gave me both.. so I'm back in.. thanks
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    Ian88 reacted to BIG__DOG in Can't get in the Duma's interface   
    are you trying to connect via lan or over wifi?.....you can connect to the interface wirelessly by logging into the wifi called netdumar1 and the password is netdumar1.
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    Ian88 got a reaction from 7GTV in I've lost my way   
    OK.. so after owning this router for over a year, I think I've tinkered and tweaked and changed things I shouldn't have.. maybe with things I don't fully understand.. I've got to the point were I'm questioning if it's doing any good now. I have terrible connection on black ops 3, I just want that snappy consistent c
    Gameplay back.. can one of you guys over at duma, help me start from scratch? And optimise my settings and get it right for me? Thanks
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    Ian88 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in I've lost my way   
    OK looks like I'll need to track down a laptop.. mines just broke.. I'll get back to you soon mate
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