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    RainbowCanon reacted to Chopman in Problem geofiltri Destiny 2   
    Yes nothing works anymore, geo filter servers will still connect you to servers outside your range, blocking servers manually will still occasionally connect you to that same server, you can't controll servers you connect with ping anymore on Destiny this router is compelty useless. No amount of flushes or resets will help, I mean connecting to the same server I Blocked yesterday with the same name and ip addresss is just retarded.
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    RainbowCanon reacted to lmjones1uk in Destiny 2 now using Steam Network Sockets   
    I've found a work around.
    Edit: can confirm the method that worked in elimination does not work in Trials ūüėě
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    RainbowCanon reacted to Old Man Spetz in Destiny 2 now using Steam Network Sockets   
    Let's keep the petty insults out of the discussion please. It doesn't matter if "they don't condone boosting"; they've seen what we have talked about and said that they didn't intend people to use their tech in this way, but that they would look into it. We aren't breaking laws here...It's not illegal. As for Bungie, they said a while back that they know about ghost lobbies but that it doesn't go against their ToS so far as people aren't hurting other peoples gameplay (like the Ddos chumps). 

    So yeah, this is the best place for this discussion.
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    RainbowCanon reacted to dmg04 in Destiny 2 (PC/Steam) Geo-filter challenges   
    Two years later, no updates?
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    RainbowCanon reacted to Meyoapple in Destiny 2 now using Steam Network Sockets   
    okay guys soo I loaded into an empty tower and this is what I personally did so far.
    Get static IP's on both your xbox "im using 2 xbox one x" 
    I made sure they were connected to my router via ethernet cable not wifi.
    In my geo filter I added both xbox made them strict connections.
    set my ping setting to 0 
    blocked every server on the geo filter that I saw. "I'm located in NY"
    loaded into an empty tower.
    I ran out and just managed to give it one try when I get back I'm going to be running a few more test.
    I personally don't think VPN is the solution.
    but blocking these servers I managed to avoid even going into a full tower.
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    RainbowCanon reacted to Old Man Spetz in Destiny 2 now using Steam Network Sockets   
    Surely you can see that we aren't all the same and that many of us are simply looking for help. The people offering you money to stay quiet, the people sending you rude DM's...they are the greedy dregs of society that only care about their own needs or wants. We are a community in the end, regardless if some people like it or not. What happens to one of us happens to us all. Some folks here are big time, others, just trying to keep the lights on. I'd ask that you reconsider please and not hold back because of the actions of a few. You have the opportunity to help many people and it would be greatly appreciated if you did.

    It does suck that you were treated poorly and it is without a doubt uncalled for. We aren't all like that.

    Again, thank you for any help offered,
    Old Man 
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    RainbowCanon reacted to Shoulin in Destiny 2 now using Steam Network Sockets   
    Removed at users request
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