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    ScottBot got a reaction from kboogie23 in !!!!New Buyers WARNING HERE!!!!   
    My advice to anyone reading this that is in the process of looking for a new router......Do not buy the R2 at this point in time. The router is full of issues and your money would be wasted with what you would get from the R2 right now. Advice: STEP one, Wait and keep looking at the Forum for the Firmware to release, STEP two, Then wait some more, keep looking at the Forum to see if all the people are happy with what the Firmware has done for the R2. If you look through the forum, it is easy to see that it is not just a few odd cases having issues with this router but the majority of the people who bought it having problems. NEW BUYERS BE WARNED!!!!!
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    ScottBot got a reaction from David 07 in R2 Speed Test Bug??   
    Yes I am talking about the benchmark page of OS, if I use speed.net my numbers are more to what I pay to have at my home but are still lower than they should be. In the benchmark in OS the speeds are crazy, most of the time your test gives me 50-60% lower than what I should be seeing. This is why I asked the question if the R2 is having trouble with 1000 up\down speeds? How am I going to use QOS and get the best out of this router if I can not trust what it tells me in the Connection Benchmarks? At this point I am at trail and error, setting this to here and there, then playing a few rounds to find if I feel a positive or negative effect. I am growing tired of the trial and error approach and would really like to know if some kind of update is honestly coming as I have grown tired of using my time to mess with this router and coming out with nothing positive from my efforts(As I am sure other customers are as well). 
    Side note: My ISP was at my home a few days ago as I thought maybe my speeds were off on their side....The tech tested everything from the street all the way to my modem with top marks for connection speeds, so here we are with a router problem fellas.    
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    ScottBot got a reaction from David 07 in R2 Speed Test Bug??   
    How is it after trying all the sliders\OS options the speed test will show up to 50% slower speeds than what I should be getting? Is this a bug or is the speed test accurate and this R2 is just bottle necking my connection? Does the R2 have issues with 1000 up\down speeds? Has anyone else run into problems or issues with their R2 reducing their speeds by 25% or even 50%? 
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    ScottBot got a reaction from Newfie in R2 Speed Test Bug??   
    Yes Newfie and Fraser, I have done the factory reset more times than I can remember. Every time I would feel like I was getting the R2 to run stable for longer than a day or so I would see packet loss in my game settings with lag spikes. I would then go into the OS and look around running a connection test and sure enough everything would be totally testing different in the DumaOS. Factory restart later or hours spent with sliders or changing the option to NEVER for full bandwidths would only maybe show brief improvements but never lasted long before showing more packet loss. I have given up on trying to get my full Downloads speeds, I have given up on connecting everything I wanted to have running through the R2, BUT even still........With only Modem ---> R2 -----> Console, I get some hours of game play before I am spiked with the packet loss and the games are just laggy. I have also asked my ISP to monitor my connection as I wanted to be certain that the spikes were not coming from their side. They have again told me that things are getting to me no lower than 90% with my speeds, but I will know in a few days if I had any major lags from their end over the past few days. Even so, if my ISP dropped or spiked, it should not send the R2 into some tail spin where I should have to factory reset it. IT IS OBVIOUS that something is not on the level here and that this little machine is not performing as anticipated. Lesson learned, NEVER Pre Order anything or be near the first to order, its hard to sleep with all the BUGS the R2 bring to our beds.  
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    ScottBot got a reaction from digz_au in Major Issues, Rapps Not loading, Connection issues etc   
    I am also having challenges with the R2 that I also had back when I tried the xr500. The xr500 almost seemed to be giving me slower speeds on my Down\Ups, I eventually took it back and went with a different router. Then I got the R2 some days ago, guess what......it acts just as the xr500 did. It is as if the R2 is bottle necking my connection. Before you ask for screen shots, did I reset it, did I have all my checks done......Yes and then some. Yesterday I had my ISP tech here and he tested my line from the street all the way to my modem, and everything was as it should be. I have spent so many hours trying to get this thing to run stable, QOS on or off, using every option in the OS to hopefully get my full connection or for it to be stable with nothing to show from my efforts. My only question is how do I return it for my money back?
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