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    kboogie got a reaction from Netduma Admin in VPN Users Required   
    In your post please include the answers to the following questions:
    Do you use the VPN Hybrid feature on the original R1 firmware? I was until the update, I have both the R1 and the xr500
    What VPN Provider do you use? I use PureVPN
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    kboogie got a reaction from ChriscomIT in Major Announcement: Netduma partner with NETGEAR to launch the Nighthawk XR500 Gaming Router   
    Time to put this on ebay
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    kboogie reacted to RunningOnEmpty in Major Announcement: Netduma partner with NETGEAR to launch the Nighthawk XR500 Gaming Router   
    I'm not really certain why we're discussing a company that made certain promises (NetDuma) and one that didn't (Microsoft); -and before you state that I made the comparison, mine stated if MS had promised and breached as Duma did-, but okay, I'll play... I can't recall the previous versions, but the bits were released for any who wanted them for Windows 10 at the same time as the RTM was sent out (same bits.) That's the RTM sent; not actually in production units, just sent to manufacturers.
    DumaOS is ready, we don't have it and it was promised: Luke stated June 6, 2017 that "Once usability is in place we can then widen the beta to more users. So this means we will be expanding the beta pool soon through the Coal Mine. Open Beta should then follow not long afterwards."
    According to the DumaOS timeline "Development continues - Beta testing of DumaOS completes..." in 2017; it's now 2018 and no open beta.
    Look, guy, I wouldn't even be commenting any further if there weren't people trying to discredit what I've stated without facts; my statements are based on the facts as I understand them, not some emotional contempt. I would never claim that I can't be wrong, but I have yet, in this instance, to be shown to be. Your disagreements with my statements haven't really pertained to my statements, but instead were some straw man creation. Whether intentional or not, you're not really adding any knowledge concerning my comments only seemingly trying to muddy my points.
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    kboogie reacted to infernomachine in netduma with netgear?   
    Are you kidding me weve waited how long for the new OS and it gets sold and released with the new nighthawk first.  I get that its a business decision but you have just crushed your fan base
    very disappointed
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    kboogie reacted to RunningOnEmpty in Major Announcement: Netduma partner with NETGEAR to launch the Nighthawk XR500 Gaming Router   
    I can understand your point of view to a limit... if Microsoft promised an update to improve functionality as a free update available "as soon as it is completed" and then began selling a computer with the updated software before rolling it out to those who were promised it, there would be backlash by the consumer.
    As nice as the Duma team is and the fact that they are/were a small company doesn't change the fact that they are a company that sold us a product and the company made promises to us that it isn't keeping, If they were my friend who made me a promise that they didn't keep then being upset would be "butt hurt", but when a company isn't "fair" there are often consequences that result. I think people sometimes forget that this is a company that sold us a product and not a group of people that we hang out with at the local pub.
    Just to be clear, I am happy for them and their success and I wish them all the best going forward. They have a great concept and that's why I bought the router to begin with; I just think that their handling of the OS was less than elegant.
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    kboogie reacted to raikun in Major Announcement: Netduma partner with NETGEAR to launch the Nighthawk XR500 Gaming Router   
    What bothers me is, if DumaOS is ready for a different device, what stops them releasing it for the device they have been working on for years, the way it should have been. I am not against Netduma growing and making partnerships, but effective client relationships are much improved by transparency, and this feels like you graduating college and celebrating at a neighbor's house instead of with the family that paid for your damn major in the first place.
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    kboogie reacted to sidestep6 in DumaOS Update - Recent Progress   
    Not really.
    Link to quote
    Based on previous announcements and track record it's not a big assumption, it has been delayed before it will likely be delayed again. It's odd though they make new announcement posts and string people along by leaving it open for people to post in instead of just making a new one locking it and sticking it to the top so it's the most recent news from the development team. It's okay to say you are behind or even really far behind schedule, but posting things like "All will make sense over the next month or so. Believe me its awesome! & I hope you'll agree worth the wait" and "Exciting times!" isn't something a developer should be saying prior to an unknown release of a piece of software nor should they be said when nothing is shown to back it up as it leaves it up to the reader's imagination to run with it and that isn't wise. Whether it is intentional hype or unintentional it is setting yourself up for negative feedback and in some ways disappointment because there is no way you'll get all the bugs. I mean the 1.03.6 version still has bugs in it but people are still using it.
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    kboogie reacted to Monzo in DumaOS Update - Recent Progress   
    Hey guys, I posted in another post (one that I made), as a response to the new update since I'm back to having the same problems I've had since forever. I gave up on CoD for a bit and came back, and of course, dealing with same issue as everyone. This is what I wrote in the other post, I hope you will like my idea. I hope I don't come off as a jerk, but I was hoping to come off as professional as possible to deal with the problem with the upcoming DumaOS
    Look, I hope to God I'm not coming off as an a******, but this update's waiting time is taking way too long with no exact reason except for "oh, we're trying to perfect it, that's why it's not out yet". Look, I love you guys and the router to an extent, but to perfect this should NOT be taking up to 2 years of production. This update has been in effect, or as an idea to your company way before we knew about it and as far as I know, it was being made in production a little after the latest update came out, which was almost 2 years ago. To perfect something like this, has I think already been made by a couple of companies (dont remember exactly who, but apparently they're doing better than you guys with this kind of idea, but I still love you and am not leaving   ). The point I'm making, is that too many people are having the exact problem I'm having because we can't have what everyone else like A7 and others are getting. Everyone who owns a Duma of course isn't going to get the same results due to having different modems, connections, internet packages and cable and so on, but apparently, according to you guys, this update is supposed to fix THAT exact problem, which is why I've been so excited for two years for this release, but have been disappointed every time I get told that the release date is being extended. In my opinion, there should options to fix this problem of making everyone with my problem wait, and I think someone else has mentioned this before, but I will try to give my idea and use my words to explain it. 
    1. Fix a couple of the problems you guys are claiming to have at a quicker rate unless already doing so. Release a beta to everyone who owns the Duma so that we can all help test out to make this process go quicker. If a beta is released now, we can all keep the firmware, and every time you guys have a fix, update it until its perfected and make it one huge update.
    2. You also said that with the release of the new DumaOS, it should be a lot easier to update firmware and software and to keep us posted a lot easier, correct? Well, if that's what DumaOS does, but is still not perfected, why can't we just say "screw the minor bugs" and just release it? You guys said yourselves that Duma OS decreases the amount of time for bugs to be fixed dramatically compared to what we have now. So why aren't we doing this? Why are we forced to wait another year (which I can only imagine that we will because you've done this before) just so that new customers can't come in and lose a few in the process?
    I've seen people get rid of their Duma because of the amount of time it's taking to release this update, plus other companies are coming out with better ideas a lot faster, and surprisingly are near perfect compared to what we are getting here. I know people are going to tell me that they aren't leaving or aren't going to leave, but there are some that have, and that's not good. And the people who left are those who are suffering with the same problems as I am. I also feel that there are answers to these problems, but we aren't being given the right answer at all. I know that seems easier said than done, but there has to be a way to help us out in better ways if we're going to procrastinate with this update. I'm sorry if I sound like a jerk, but I feel as if others might agree with me on this in a professional matter. I love you guys, but this whole thing could be resolved if you take my advice.
    Either do a beta like iPhone's do where before the release of a new iOS, they update the beta frequently until it's perfected.
    Release DumaOS NOW and just update frequently until perfected. it seems as if you guys are already near perfection, so what's the hold up? Does it really matter if there's a few minor bugs here and there that isn't going to heavily affect us? we're adults, I think we can handle a couple of issues here and there, but discuss it appropriately in the forums so that all Admins are informed and can resolve it.
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    kboogie reacted to xolhid in DumaOS Announcement: Development Progress & Testing   
    If a dog bites you once, you will never have the same level of trust ever again, even if it never happens again. Going into the future without learning from the past or at least being mindful of it, is not a very smart thing to do. You are just asking to get bitten again.
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    kboogie reacted to thegaurdian1 in DumaOS - Development Update   
    I am with you on this one.  A product that cots $199.99 plus shipping should be a lot easier to use and should have all of its features working properly.  If a feature or features do not work they should be dealt with in a timely manner not in a years plus manner.  The router is out of its early early adopters phase and NetDuma is selling the R1 router to quite a few countries.  When you have reached the success they have, that is when you stop building excuses for the company and start holding the company accountable.  The most frustrating thing is that this router does not have QoS *Quality of Service* built into its software.  After investing this much money and after they have had this much success there is no reason why you, I or anyone should mess with sliders, the flower and anything else to figure out the best settings, connection and or bufferbloat.  What a train wreck this all has turned out to be personally for me.  Due to my investment with this company, its community and its potential I truly hope the best for them and wish them nothing but success.  For now I am keeping very low expectations for DumaOS 2.0 and I am slowly looking more thoroughly this time into other routers.   Keep in mind everyone NetDuma is not the only router company around and for Ian to say they're beating many if not all routers out there is unfounded.  One last thing I dont know why they are stressing that this UPDATE is FREE.  I don't think they would be greedy enough to charge for an UPDATE for a product that the community is and has beta tested and debugged for them!  Plus the community helps to get the games supported and by the way the games supported can be counted on TWO HANDS!
    Thank You
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