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    vicious_results got a reaction from D3mon1c in More Powerful Ping Assist   
    I think he was also saying we should have the choice to connect to the servers we want. I think if the servers that are available could be lit up a different color and we could click and connect to that one we choose or If we don't click on a server before it connects like it is set to do currently it should just connect like duma has it set to do now.
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    vicious_results reacted to Netduma Alex in Color coding servers and letting us connect to the one we want.   
    Welcome to the forums!
    Your first idea is an interesting one, but I don't think it would work in practice. I'll copy in what I said in another thread about this:
    The idea to colour code players by how good their connection is, that's a good one, and I think we might be able to do it. I'll forward it to the developers to see what they think.
    Thanks for the feedback! We always appreciate ideas from users.
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    vicious_results reacted to UK_Wildcats_Fans in Host Ping Chart   
    Yes, that is another good option in addition to my suggestion.
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    vicious_results reacted to Netduma Admin in Host Ping Chart   
    This is an awesome idea and something we have on our roadmap. We were thinking you could have a ‘save ping’ option which would keep a record of your average ping for the last x minutes. And you could then add notes e.g. the game you played, KD etc. Would you guys find this helpful?
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    vicious_results reacted to UK_Wildcats_Fans in Host Ping Chart   
    I have the XR700 with the last firmware and playing BO4.  Once you lose host connection or simply get into a lobby, the entire graph  and history is gone.  I wish it would keep the historical information and simply show a sign of no host found.  This would allow me to see what was happening before host was lost or get into the lobby.  It would also be nice to have the option to have a long chart time frame.  
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    vicious_results reacted to Netduma Alex in Clear Distinction between Peers and Dedicated Servers   
    Good idea, maybe some kind of pop-up menu for clarification when icons are stacked? I'll put it in the suggestions list.
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    vicious_results reacted to Kahari in Clear Distinction between Peers and Dedicated Servers   
    Just a suggestion for improvement in the Geo Filter:
    Sometimes the peer icon appears directly on the server icon, (and vice versa) and it gets annoying constantly trying to click on one and the other appears because they're directly on top of one another. If I'm trying to check a server with a peer icon directly on it, there should be some type of distinction that the system knows exactly which icon I'm trying to choose in that particular scenario.
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