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    AndyC got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Since update 7.00 can’t party chat psn   
    I might have a suggestion:  I have to accept a friend everytime i get on even if they are3 in the whitelis. I go to spectating mode bring them in party then chose allow on their name again(even if they are in whitelist)
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    AndyC got a reaction from Netduma Alex in Call of Duty lagcompensation/hit detection   
    Actually last night I played without throttling for a while and I did fine won gunfights I should have and lost the ones that I should have. Then we got 2 more people in party (total of 5) and things went south quick. I was seeing differences of a hard second. I was getting shot once with guns like Maddox. When watching killcam he shoots and it looks like he gets kill marker before he gets hit markers. Before u see his gun fire I’m taking damage. When I’m shooting them I can see hit markers on my screen but there health isn’t moving. They eventually escape or kill me. It’s was happening to 3 other people in party but one person in our party was slaying them. He was farther away from server than I was but there were other farther than him. It makes no sense. Then the next game that person was like us and a different person was slaying while the rest of us were gettin smoked. We played a few more until we all got frustrated and disbanded party. I played later in the hour solo and did fine all this while not throttling. By the way when we were in party and doing so poorly I tried throttling after 1st game and it didn’t help so I removed the throttle and put back optimal setting for dumaOs. Anyway my internet had a major outage where our download speeds were ok but download was below 1/2 mbps. When it came back up an hour later I have never had better connection for the few games I played before going to bed. Anxious to see how things are tomight
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