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    Zero reacted to Netduma Admin in XR500 Drops Internet Randomly   
    Thanks for all the info.
    Given the router is still accessible, it sounds like there's a problem with the WAN connection. Which probably means one of the following is happening:
    Modem -> XR500 has a connection issue Modem has an issue Overall Internet is dropping out  But it seems unlikely to be 2&3 as you said you can get Internet through your modem when a drop out occurs (no harm in double checking this the next time it happens)
    So that leaves us with an issue with the XR500 WAN or the modem. Here's a few ideas:
    Can you try swapping the Ethernet cable between the router and modem? It's possible it's faulty Can you set the modem to Bridge Mode or Modem mode? Not all modem's have this option, but hopefully yours does If you go >Settings >Monitoring >Statistics - what does the WAN uptime show as? Let us know if this improves things. If not, I would recommend contacting NETGEAR's official support to seek a replacement: https://www.netgear.com/support/contact.aspx 
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    Zero reacted to Netduma Admin in Still random reboots since launch   
    Hi both - you can ignore these DoS attack logs. That’s just internet white noise most of the time (Google it and you’ll see a bunch of threads on this for many Netgear routers). 
    Lets see if we can narrow down what’s happening: 
    1. Are these drops both on wireless and wired?
    2. Do you have an Xbox One connected to the router?
    3. Is the router in a ventilated place(i.e. no obvious risk of overheating?)
    4. Do you have to reboot the router to restore internet, or does it just come back a while later?
     5. Have you set any manual DHCP rules?
    @Zero - I’ve asked these questions in your thread so best if you reply there to keep the two threads independent. Thanks. 
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    Zero reacted to xr500user in Some bugs ..   
    yes, lol. sorry!
    something is definitely going on since this firmware --  i see more and more posts of people with sticky devices that are shown as offline, but still have an ip.
    i have one right now on the list that appeared (a smart tv) its wifi.. its for sure on and working, but on the offline list in device manager. clicking on it shows its current mac & ip.
    it could be the tv initially joined the routers native wifi0,1, but then found a better signal from an AP and jumped ship, so duma app mark it as offline, but its still online - it never updated its db to bring him back online in the tree but on the LAN side instead (via the AP with ethernet backhaul)
    checked at router level and it shows it has a legit leased dhcp ip, active, and is listed in the arp table,  something isn't refreshing or doing a double check in the device manager code
    (router has it right in its tables)
    and if qos decides to use this internal database with the offline device (bad info) an apply qos to lan/wan its going to mark that device as offline, or not have a qos/dpi tag as active
    so if it tries to do some more advanced networking connection (besides youtube or simple streaming) the packets will be dropped most likely or mangled .. dpi  'wtf is this i see data from a device that's not in my list of active online devices .. I don't know what to do with these packets.... dump>>null,splat)
    if anyone sees a device like that, and its giving you some problems connecting to advanced services, try to disable qos and see if clears it up (its under qos, antibufferbloat settings).. it may still be on the offline list, but will work 100% i bet, since router has its shit together. if you wait a while then u can toggle qos back on. it will refresh its databases with current and maybe now correct info, but the device may never appear online again until a full reboot, or if you delete it.
    if you disable qos you will lose the detailed breakdown of internet traffic in network monitor, and obviously buffer-bloat and priority and all that jazz, its not a solution, but a good test
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    Zero reacted to LuzinIt in Still random reboots since launch   
    I’ve been through all the troubleshooting and so many times my XR500 has seemed to be fixed then it always starts rebooting again randomly.  I assumed this would get fixed with firmware updates, but that still hasn’t happened and I’m starting to wonder if I have a 300 dollar paperweight on my hands.  Curious if the logs are telling me anything useful or useable in fixing the issue, cause they don’t mean much to me.  Any help is appreciated, been battling this thing forever now and even though I like it when it works the reboots are driving me nuts.   Speaking of is there info in these logs I need to keep hidden or would they be ok to post for help, I’ve exhausted all the options on my end at this point and am desperate for consistent coverage again. 
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