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    m4rc3_AVL reacted to Netduma Fraser in Congestion Control vs Anti Bufferbloat   
    They're exactly the same, just the name changed with DumaOS 3.0. The R2 would be a step up in terms of hardware and WiFi and not as expensive as the XR range.
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    m4rc3_AVL reacted to Sci0n in High Ping on COD Servers   
    Its not just your ISP the DumaOS isnt all that, also COD supports very high ping players and trhe deadicated servers it runs on are still like 50-80ms, that with high ping = shit games.
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    m4rc3_AVL reacted to Zennon in High Ping on COD Servers   
    Yes it the route your ISP is taking that is the issue, you could mention it and show them your plots I would say it is worth a go.
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    m4rc3_AVL got a reaction from Netduma Jack in High Ping on COD Servers   
    Sorry for the late response! I don't think this is what's happening to be honest. I've made some tests thoughtout these days and I'm really sure that it doesn't switches to P2P matchmaking on certain times of the day. They're still the same dedicated servers all along, the Netduma recognizes them as such (I get the red botton which says "Temp Ban", I understand that means it should be a dedicated server) and I saved them on my Deny & Allow list to be sure that they were the same dedis all this time. Maybe it's just a problem on my ISP end. 😕 Imma try to get some screenshots for the next time!
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