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    nigellion got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Is this an ISP problem   
    Thanks much will contact them....My Internet works fine when im doing anything else its only noticeable when im gaming
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    nigellion reacted to Netduma Fraser in Is this an ISP problem   
    I'd contact the ISP, having it drop like that could well be causing you issues.
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    nigellion reacted to Sgt-Greco in For those who combo DDWRT and Netduma, here is recommended setting   
    Yes, actually it's the predecessor of OpenWRT
    Nothing special . Here is all my settings in one pic.
    I use 90-95% Down/Up.
    Maximum Priority to my PS4 only  (use /32 after it's IP address) and whenever I want to do some testing limiting it's bandwidth, I turn it to Manual.
    I do not use UPnP or DMZ.
    That's it.

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