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    AD513 got a reaction from Zippy in This is something I wasn't expecting.. Thoughts?!?!   
    Cmon really giving sim a hard time for calling out widely experienced and even some admitted issues is cheap especially when said issues are lessened or fixed on older cheaper routers whatever their firmware.  I loved my R1 and the forum here for years and hope to feel the same about my XR some day, but that days not today.  Whether it’s on duma, netgear, or treyarch is debatable, but fact is this router was sold to tons of us mainly for the yearly cod at first and this year has been a rough one at best.  
    It’s not cods job to make things duma friendly it’s the other way around and always has been since day one, honestly since the netgear deal things have no doubt changed for all of us involved.   Plenty of folks are still feeling like beta testers and that’s not what I planned to be doing on a 300 dollar upgrade.  I’m still fairly confident netduma will get there despite netgear and continue using my XR cause it’s working as intended for most games.  Problem is cod was my reason for purchase and is the main game quite a few of us use these features on and updates or fixes have slowed way down compared to previous years.  Ever since the netgear deal this community has changed drastically some good and some not, upgrade times, transperency among other things and some of what made this group so trusted and amazing for years has been lost in the shuffle of getting big.   Still have faith things will keep moving in the right direction, but pretending he’s wrong for calling out these things mainly because he’s so passionate about this community makes zero sense.  I didn’t pay too much attention when he apparently “bashed duma”, but I do know the frustrations that this years causing many of us so I can’t blame him. Even after these PS4 fixes I’m seeing mentioned  I still have had issues with not finding games for a while today and again turned some of the features that sold me on this thing off to play.  Waiting months for a cloud update or to use features or enjoy a cod release or waiting who knows how long for netgear to approve things like ping assist that’s currently on the R1 on this “upgraded netduma”are a far cry from what netduma used to be.   Hope all is good here soon and we can all get back to spending as much or more time playing the game as we are playing with our router setup and features. 
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    AD513 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Back to the random reboots   
    Unticked those options as well, thanks fellas
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    AD513 reacted to PharmDawgg in Back to the random reboots   
    I forgot to add that I had smart connect (ie wifi roaming) enabled and I got regular reboots and wifi drops when I had those two items above enabled.  I hope this helps.  
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    AD513 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Back to the random reboots   
    Will do and I’ll report if this is the one that finally works. 
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    AD513 reacted to Netduma Fraser in Back to the random reboots   
    Just to add it looks like an XR500 update is available if you do a check on the router so suggest you try that also
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    AD513 reacted to Netduma Fraser in PUBG for PS4   
    I think what has happened is that they have introduced region locking and they've classified your location as Asia rather than US so I think that's why you're having that experience unfortunately. Theres a lot of talk about it online with people having higher pings than they should because of this.
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    AD513 got a reaction from Netduma Admin in Am I missing something? Geo filter issues   
    Never mind, no idea how but my pc was changed over to Xbox in dev manager and my PS4 was set to computer.  I assume it should work now that their sorted. 
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