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    Phyter got a reaction from Killhippie in LAN Setup Now Useless After Using VPN On New .40 Firmware   
    I am using UDP, along with port 1194 now. Speeds are still the same. Just ran a speed test. Download at 13.0 Mbps Down, 32.3 Mbps Up, Qos set at 500 down 50 up, with sliders at 70% 350 Down, 35 Up. Speeds were still similar while using port 443.
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    Phyter reacted to Netduma Jack in Bad Line Jitter   
    I think you've done the right thing here - if they're not taking action then clearly you just need to speak louder. This is definitely on them, so the solution is also on them.
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    Phyter reacted to Zippy in Bad Line Jitter   
    I totally agree with you Jack. He has done the right thing. To be honest more have to do this then just taking things as acceptable.. One of the things ive noticed over the years here in the US is that ISP's are starting to get very sloppy when it comes to latency. And there reply is very commonly called "acceptable". There trying to cram 6 gallons into a 5 gallon bucket. First thing to go out the window is latency.. We use to own the cable company here where I live but have sold out to Spectrum awhile ago.  We still to this day help them pin point issues.. And one thing that sticks out to me is how very little knowledge they have in using there own testing equipment or misinterpreting there results.. About two weeks ago I gave 101 class to a line tech on what his meters readings meant. While he thought things were normal I showed him that they were not.. Which is strange because it had logged warnings a mile long.. He asked me what those meant and I told him that the latency variation was way out of spec. So as you can see its very easy for things to get sloppy when even the techs are still learning..
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    Phyter got a reaction from Locosano in VPN Users Required   
    When is the XR500 getting all these features you just released on the R1???
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    Phyter got a reaction from Netduma Admin in VPN Users Required   
    I would definitely like to beta test the Hybrid VPN feature for the XR500. I use IPVanish. I use to use the feature on the R1, until I switched to the XR500.
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    Phyter got a reaction from simjc in Terrible Bufferbloat issues with XR500   
    Thank you, I know all that. My pings fluctuate over 30 ms in game even when on dedicated servers. I don't experience these bufferbloat issues when using my R1. Only the new XR500. And it's not due to the multiple servers, I notice on CPU usage, when using dslreports.com, it goes to 100%. And I experience high pings on pingplotter, sometimes going from 20ms to over 200 ms to twitter.com or others when I leave it running a couple hours.
    The whole purpose of the anti-bufferbloat you advertise, is that if my connection becomes saturated while I am gaming, then I will not lag. The test I use is to test if I will lag while I am gaming if someone is to download or upload something. And right now, It does. And your router hits 100% cpu usage when I run download tests and never hits over 200 Mbps. R1 can hit over 200Mbps on dslreports, but never hits over 400-450mbps, only 80-90% of my connection, even though that router is advertised to hit almost 900 Mbps. Bit with QoS on, can never hit more than 150-160 Mbps.
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    Phyter got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Terrible Bufferbloat issues with XR500   
    Alright, then let me install teamviewer and get that setup then.
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    Phyter got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Terrible Bufferbloat issues with XR500   
    3 hours from now? Sounds good.
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    Phyter reacted to raikun in Major Announcement: Netduma partner with NETGEAR to launch the Nighthawk XR500 Gaming Router   
    Damn, that was cold. One year of absolute silence, and this. This is not your standard evil, this is EA level evil.
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