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    LID Prototipo87 got a reaction from Netduma Admin in Repetidor de wifi por cable mayor Ping   
    En este caso el repetidor de WiFi no esta funcionando como se espera, lo que  recomiendo es extender la red Wifi por medio de otro enrutador nuevo o usado, conectado directamente al Netduma R1 por medio de cable Ethernet, no por coneccion Wifi.
    1. Descargamos el manual del enrutador nuevo o usado para su configuración.
    2. Configuramos el enrutador 2 como repetidor Wifi y luego lo conectamos al Netduma R1
    3. Listo ya tenemos ampliada la red Wifi
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    LID Prototipo87 reacted to iAmMoDBoX in Announcement: DumaOS on Netduma R1 in Final Beta Testing   
    I'm a current beta tester and I can confirm it is real and does work just as promised. Netduma is not lying, please refrain from using that language on the forums.
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    LID Prototipo87 reacted to Netduma Luke in Announcement: DumaOS on Netduma R1 in Final Beta Testing   
    We have some good news to share: DumaOS for the Netduma R1 is now in the final stages of beta testing!  
    As many of you know, this has taken so much longer than we anticipated, but our developers have now resolved all the major issues. This means that DumaOS for the R1 is stable and crucially, backwards compatible, so you can go back to the original R1 firmware if you prefer. A big thank you to all the beta testers who worked tirelessly with us to get to this point. 
    We are tidying up some last loose ends to make it ready for full release. We will let you know it is ready to download across all our media platforms. Be sure to sign up to the DumaOS mailing list so you are the first to know when it's out.
    Stay tuned!

    The ND Team

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