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    sigura reacted to Netduma Fraser in VPN   
    Here you are: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000087492--dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-hybrid-vpn
    You need the OpenVPN configuration files from your provider then you can use it in the advanced section of the VPN Setup
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    sigura reacted to Netduma Luke in Announcement: DumaOS on Netduma R1 in Final Beta Testing   
    We have some good news to share: DumaOS for the Netduma R1 is now in the final stages of beta testing!  
    As many of you know, this has taken so much longer than we anticipated, but our developers have now resolved all the major issues. This means that DumaOS for the R1 is stable and crucially, backwards compatible, so you can go back to the original R1 firmware if you prefer. A big thank you to all the beta testers who worked tirelessly with us to get to this point. 
    We are tidying up some last loose ends to make it ready for full release. We will let you know it is ready to download across all our media platforms. Be sure to sign up to the DumaOS mailing list so you are the first to know when it's out.
    Stay tuned!

    The ND Team

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    sigura got a reaction from D3mon1c in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    I have received secret information about the release of the update. If my verry trusted netduma spion source is correct the update for netduma R1 will be on  January 5, 2053. But only if the technology for sending data over the internet to a router has been invented by then.
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    sigura reacted to thegaurdian1 in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    We already paid $200.00 for the R1 and its supposed to get the DumaOS for free....So why spend another $300.00 just for the DumaOS?  That is really what your paying for is the DumaOS the specs you can find other routers with better specs for cheaper.  So in the end $500.00 for the NetDuma software and DumaOS is a bit crazy.  Unless you have money and enjoy paying for the same thing twice or 3 times.
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    sigura reacted to dav581005 in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    Everything you said makes sense except for the last bit about buying the xr500 this is exactly what netduma are wanting you to do. Personally I will never buy or recommend anything linked to netduma again if I buy another router it will probably be the r7800 which is basically the xr500 without Duma OS
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    sigura reacted to Droid1977 in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    Ok. So a few is defined as :
    determiner, adjective, & pronoun
    a small number of.
    "may I ask a few questions?"
    synonyms: a small number, a handful, one or two, a couple, two or three; not many, hardly any
    "there weren't many biscuits, but we saved you a few" "
    So with all respect, as asking as an owner of both an R1 as well as the 500 with the dumaos on it... At 7+ weeks now, even if it is a year off from now can we as a community please have an accurate time table to the release of the R1 update? I use both in my home, enjoy the profile feature on the R1 that the 500 is lacking, and in all honesty even though the R1 has hardware not even close to the 500 it honestly does a better job hands down on congestion control and bufferbloat handling. I would like to have the update as even with the newer router if I want to play lag free or close to it games in Fortnite, WW2, destiny, Halo, as well as others I am having to still run my R1 for just the 3 Xbox ones in my home. The update would at least help to take the bad taste out if my mouth for buying the 500 and still needing to use the R1 as I get a "B" sometimes a "C" when using the dumaos and an A+ when using the R1. I have true gigabit up and down fiber connection and legit at my lowest speed tests am around 950 up and down. I dumb this way down to about 30 up and down for my gaming on R1 which gives me an A+. To do this with the DumaOS this means everything 8n my house pretty much has to be there as even setting individually to the same level of speeds on the new router I only get a "B" at best. Don't know why such a difference as I have followed every faq and guide you have up so I have resigned to just go the 2 Duma points and realize it is what it is. With that in mind, I have paid good money for both devices and believe that if given a promise from the company that has not been met, and a timetable that has not been met then at the very least an update on when the update will be available is not just expected but required from your company. I am not trying to bash the company, I have been happy with the R1 for about 14 months and it has made a HUGE difference in not only my gaming experience but also my score. For that I am extremely grateful... But that does not excuse the lack of communication on broken timelines promised from you to us as a community. To put 8t in every day terms and perspective if you were a contractor and failed to deliver in the timeline you would update your clients... If you push back the time frame by "a few weeks at most" then you communicated that and would continue your contract. But 7 weeks after that push back and still no word... In my world, you would be fired, and probably sued for breach of contract... But in your world you fear no repercussions... I understand that, but feel as though as a company, you should show a level of integrity, responsibility to deliver as promised or communicate otherwise, and to have some level of ethical conduct when trying to win the trust of the gaming community... Which is what every member that had posted here is a member of... The very same gaming community that gave you as an up and coming small company a chance and have continued to try and support you even through the broken promises and timelines. How could any of us tell our friends, family, our community if fellow gamers to trust in your software if we don't feel we can trust in your company? Just a little food for thought and once again coming from an avid supporter of your company and software but still sorely disappointed in your ethical misconduct on promises you have made to all of us. Please provide a realistic timetable we can hold you to and advise us of any changes to the given timetable as they occur instead of just deciding to treat us like mushrooms... Kept in the dark and only fed...... Well you know the rest to that one I am sure. We will all be awaiting a timely response to the same question that has been asked numerous times from a representative of your company and even if the truth hurts we still expect you to give us the truth. Please advise.
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    sigura reacted to AlsaibaiH in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    cool it works for a mod, i wonder how many users it doesn't work for them no matter how many times we ask for configuration, it always glitches up and stops working.
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    sigura reacted to RILLA au in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    They are still advertising that the VPN is functional on the R1 and it hasn't worked in over 2 years with no fix in sight.
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    sigura reacted to thegaurdian1 in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    The only UPDATE they had was on April 16th 2018 saying that it was delayed for a few weeks.  4 more days and it will be 2 months since their delay.  The allotted weeks time they said has come and passed.  Good job NetDuma. 
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    sigura got a reaction from Netduma Admin in Netduma R1 update   
    1.03.6h is the latest file update for the R1. 
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