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A Working Virgin Media SuperHub 4.0 Guide!

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Hello so after 2 days of trying to get this to work i have found a solution which i would like to share with others....

First factory reset your Superhub 4.0..


1. Make sure the Hub is switched on at the wall and at the back of the Hub
2. On the back of the Hub, press the pinhole reset button for 10 seconds
3. We recommend using a pin/pen for this as the hole is small
4. Allow the Hub a few minutes to clear its settings and reboot
5. You’ll know it’s ready when the white light ring will be solid white.

Put superhub 4 into modem mode


1. Enter into the address bar of your browser
2. The password is printed on the bottom of the Hub
3. Select Modem Mode on the left hand side of the screen
4. Select the option next to Enable Modem Mode
5. Select Apply changes

Now remove all Ethernet cables from the superhub 4 and leave it alone for at least 5mins to fully initialize modem mode then turn the superhub power off.

Setting up the netduma r2


1. Connect the supplied ethernet cable into port 1 on the netduma r2 and the other end into your laptop/pc
2. Now lug the power into the netduma so it comes on and wait for 2 minutes 
3. on your laptop/pc goto and start the welcome setup wizard
4. On step 2 of the wizard it will say no internet connection 
5. Click wan options and then click skip
6. continue with the rest of the wizard then leave the router for 5 minutes to fully initialize


Connecting the Superhub 4 and the NetdumaR2


1. now connect an ethernet cable from PORT 1 on the superhub 4 to the blue WAN port on the Netduma
2. Power on the Superhub 4 and leave it for 5 minutes
3. Your netduma will be fully connected :)

I hope this saves many new Netduma and virgin media users to get connected and setup quicker...


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1 minute ago, Netduma Liam said:

Thanks for this, much appreciated! Hopefully this serves to help other users who experience similar issues in future.

no problem i have literally been through every way possible to try getting it set up properly but in the end it was all about waiting the allotted times for the devices to fully initialize... i was too quick in trying to plug everything in and get it set up.. ~falcepalm lol

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