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Static QoS Bandwidth Limits

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 I love the R2 but one thing that really frustrates me in the QoS is it uses only a percentage of bandwidth rather than having the option to set a device to a static bandwidth by Mbps. As currently if I change one devices Mbps/Percentage it effects all other devices. I think a great option would be to have an option to set a device to a certain static Mbps of bandwidth that never changes if you change other devices. There are many devices you don't want to be getting involved in share of your main broadband bandwidth. For example some of my devices are Philips Hue, Hive Hub, Netgear switch and NVR camera's which I don't want their bandwidth allocation changing when I move the sliders for something else.

Example for what I want to be able to do. 

Philips Hue set at 1Mbps and never changes.

Hive Hub set at 1Mbps and never changes.

Netgear Switch set at 5Mbs and never changes

NVR camera set at 3Mbs and never changes. 

The rest of my 140Mbs bandwidth can either be shared between remaining devices or the bandwidth slider can be moved without effecting those 4 devices mentioned that are set to static bandwidths. 

Its even a faff to set up as a one off, as you move one allocation its changes another but for someone like me that changes allocation often depending on which gaming device of 4 I use its a right pain messing around with sliders. I may be on Xbox and Mrs on pc but I don't want the pc to take allocation from Xbox so I change the slider, then when back on PC for gaming I move slider again to maximise PC while Mrs plays Xbox on games that don't require so much allocation. I also work on other computers for work that will be added to network and find I have to change sliders again to maximise bandwidth for work PC which throws out other bandwidth allocation.

Am I missing something or would this be a worth while change that maybe easy to implement?

Failing that update it would be helpful and much easier to be able to type each devices bandwidth from the left hand column list on QoS and then click update. As it currently works,  you have to change sliders that then changes other devices allocation. 


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Hey, welcome to the forum!

This has been suggested before so we will likely implement it in the future, thanks for letting us know you do too! You don't really need to adjust Bandwidth Allocation too much in my opinion, as with share excess on a device can take more than their allocation if needed from a device that isn't using all of their allocation. Adjusting it depending on what gaming device you're using at the time likely won't make much difference as gaming never really uses more than 1Mbps at most and often much less.

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