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Netduma R1 for Mobile Games

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Hello folks,

it's been like 6 month I keep lagging while playing CodMobile on my Smartphone. I literally tried every solution... from changing wifi ISP, changing 4G/5G data sim card, in Game account, VPN, changing multiple phones and so on. 

while playing the game it shows that my ping if 25ms. but I know it's laying because I live in Europe but I meet players from middle east, India, US and so on. 

I've read about Netduma R1 and I bought it hopping it will fix my issue. 

My game feels really weird with lack of control and very slow movements. the hits are not registered and sometime I just die with one single shot. well, this issues disappear after 11/12PM most of the time. my ISP provider is one of the best in Italy and I run the game at [120mbps/11ms ping (speedtest net)]

Netduma will arrive in two days and I hope that it will work for me. do you suggest any particular setup to try? 

I love to hear all your thoughts about this situation. 

Thank you guys! 

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Welcome to the forum!

The best thing to do is to follow our optimal settings guides to get every feature setup properly for you.


CoD mobile isn't natively supported in DumaOS, so you may have some issues using Geo-filter with it, but otherwise everything else should work great for you!

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I don't even know how to help you here. Because I don't quite understand what the problem is. As I know it is not originally supported in DumaOS. So you might have problems using the geo-filter. That's all. But otherwise there shouldn't be any problems. Did you use any boosters or cheats while playing the game? I'm playing XR300 in Overwatch and when I used overboost I started having problems like you did. There was a lack of control that wasn't there before. And all movements feel like they are inhibited. Also check your network. Check your network and see if it's okay.

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