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Regarding MAC address.

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Just a quick question ive all ways thought about would changing the MAC address of the router change the ip address of devices connected to it.

Say if i was getting hit offline AGAIN ffs lol.

Strange question i know but would really finally like to know.#

Many thanks.

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If you change the MAC address slightly it's possible it will change your public IP address yes, but this won't always be the case and it wouldn't change by a lot. If you have a dynamic public IP address you can just unplug your modem for 10 minutes, connect it back and you should have a new IP

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29 minutes ago, ONEovFOUR said:

Dynamic public ip is standard i think?

Im sure my isp does not do static or at least you need to request it.

24 minutes ago, ONEovFOUR said:

is there a way to see your public ip?

Yeah it is pretty standard - they usually charge extra for a static IP. Literally type my ip into Google and it'll pop right up


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