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Those messages are normal, no indication it is turning on/off. How can you tell that this is happening? What part is turning on/off? Can you provide a screenshot of the QoS page please?

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16 hours ago, Dabenport said:

Why is the qos applying over and over again if I am still connected for the whole time? I had assumed it was turning on/off because the red light on qos page doesn't always turn on or turns off while playing, sometimes also stays red until i shutdown pc. Maybe I have it setup wrong. I don't know.

screenshot seems to be blurry on here i uploaded it to imgur https://imgur.com/a/NOeF2aF

29 minutes ago, Dabenport said:

It is turning off while playing(its p2p game would literally dc if the connection stopped).. There is traffic 100% of the time while playing but it turns on and off seemingly randomly.. what is so hard to understand here? I turned qos for now since its obviously broken.

It could be referring to TP picking up traffic on another device or a device receiving more bandwidth than it's default allocation etc. If it doesn't go off that can be because it's picking up a few packets that it thinks need to be prioritized - for example if you've quit the game completely but the game launcher is active in the system tray. What is the game you're playing specifically? Might be its not covered by Classified Games and you haven't added enough ports, so it might be you're prioritizing the authentication rather than gameplay which will periodically check whether you've paid for the game, whether you're connected to the online service etc hence turning on/off.

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