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Constructive Rant...Can we get some answers please

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HI on my 2nd Netduma now and so far its working okay but I would really want to see the bugs that are constantly chipping away at its ease of use resolved once and for all. I am sure nobody more than the Support guys want to see this: Liam and Fraser who deal with the same issues day in, day out.

Can we get a statement please if its outside the remit of yourselves then somebody from Management  to clarify these things please:

Is it the OS or the Netduma R2 Hardware which cause the same issues we see over and over in the forums - What's being done to get this fixed once and for all - Timescales?

Issues we are seeing all the time in forums: Wifi Intermittent but Regular Disconnects, Freezing Router, Rapp Apps not loaded (constant weekly reboots), Sluggish OS, Boxes just failing and needing regular Factory Resets, Loss Of Internet Requires Reboot to resolve etc etc

My old router (which is now a spare) was up for over 12 months and did not require regular weekly reboots to maintain the Broadband service.

I feel for your support guys constantly in Firefighting mode they have the same issues every day to contend with and having been there in the trenches doing it myself in the end it just grinds people down and they get fed up and leave if they see no resolution in sight.

Perhaps regular communication and having a Pinned Post of the Top 10  issues you have and tracking them showing the community the progression to getting resolved will stop a lot of peoples frustration. A Trello Board could work.

I'm not telling you how to run your company but hope this is constructive and not seen as I know best because I don't but just adding some hopefully constructive ideas to help get these issues resolved for all of us so you we can continue to support Netduma and you can develop your great and unique product and elevate it to the next level. 

Liam and Frazer work their butts off but there is only so much shovelling of daily problems they can do... Focus needs to come from elsewhere within.



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There is nothing wrong with the hardware as far as I am aware, any issues are due to bugs. What do you mean by freezing router exactly? I haven't seen anyone mention sluggish interface on the R2, on one of the XRs yes. We're working in sprints and have a demo tomorrow to see where we are at. We're working with a few users diligently on some of the more disruptive issues. This has allowed us to create better tools for diagnosing issues, deploy them very quickly and collect info as soon as it happens. We do of course appreciate the feedback and will take any ideas on board and I'll pass them on.

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