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PS4 Internet Speed is Low

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@Netduma Fraser I was able to figure out how to get into a game much quicker. To get an Open NAT type the last thing I had to do was go into my ISP settings then enter my WAN IP Address and restart my PS4. It's now showing correctly and they put me in games much quicker. 

Do you know what could be the cause of the coordinates in the game being much different than what other people see/experience? I posted pictures up above. That was one of the main reasons I bought the router. 

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@Netduma Fraser I have fixed the issues with the servers and hit marker delays. The last thing I am trying to fix is the connection speed. Can you give me a list of things I can do to speed up my connection? When I connect my computer to my router via the ethernet cable and run the speed test it gives me a speed of around 130 mbps although I'm paying for 500 mbps. Can you give me an itemized list of settings I can change in my portal?

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I assume you're using QoS, which if you are that will throttle your speeds so if you don't want that when you're not gaming select Auto Enable on Congestion Control.

General tips for full speed:

  • Enter expected/tested speeds you get from modem
  • Put Congestion Control on Never
  • Ensure Share Excess is enabled for Bandwidth Allocation
  • Remove any manual rules from Traffic Prioritization
  • Don't have any devices connected upstream of the R2 e.g. ISP router (WiFi devices) > R2 (wired devices) should be ISP router (No devices) > R2 (all devices)
  • Use Ethernet to test
  • Use speedtest.net and select closest server
  • If you don't get full speeds then disable QoS from the Congestion Control 3 line option menu.

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