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Codmw2019 ps4 pro ?

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Im trying to find out how mutch the the ps4 pro runs at hz

I wanted to ask players who own a ps4 pro

not the original ps4 as i own one already

When you play cod mw2019  how mutch delay does the game add to your  ping

On ps4 original it adds 16ms delay           16ms delay = 60hz

How you can tell this is  look at your netdumar ping whilest in a game    on geo filter map   eg  my netdumar shows 8ms

Then check your ingame ping   eg mine shows around 24ms

You can find your ingame ping in settings then account it shows on this screen


As you can see if you do the maths   my dumar ping 8ms plus 16ms = 24ms

The reason its 16ms delay on ps4 original is because the game runs at 60hz    

60 hz=16ms delay

Im hoping ps4 pro users results would show a delay of around 8ms not 16ms

Meaning it runs at 120hz            120hz=8ms


The reason i ask this is  i read the ps4 pro can run at 120hz

I was thinking about buying it just for this reason 120hz

So i thought i would ask here before me spending my money

As i know everyone here is so helpful


Sorry if this is abit confusing    i hope i made sence





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I have about 30ms, between netduma and call of duty
netduma 25, call of duty 50/65

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