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Packet loss - First Hop // vp n support

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xr450 - original default firmware

ping plotter free

Question: is it common for the first hop (pc to router) to show packet loss when pinging the router every 2.5 seconds? I’m not sure if it is a security function for the router to do so, however all my cables connections and devices are rock solid no issues . I ping google and notice that the first hope shows packet loss 25%~ up to 45% sometimes when no other connections are being utilized. Just pc - router - modem. Any one experience this or encounter this when using ping plotter ? Also not really any issue with connection just odd packet loss?thanks!





is there any plans to support vp n services like nord in conjunction with DUMA OS? instead hidemyass will you be able to select / log into something like nord or purevpn?

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Does the graph show any packet loss at all (red bars)? If it doesn't then that is nothing to worry about. If you actually ping the router LAN IP then it should show there are no issues, that's the way to check, either do so with PingPlotter and look at the graph or do so using command prompt.

We do have plans to support more VPN providers directly but you are able to use any VPN you want if you use the OpenVPN configs they provide.

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