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Hyper traffic \ traffic proirtization

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I just wanted to know somthing from the admins

I rember reading a few years ago that traffic proirtization   ic actually pfifo tc

But i wanted to find out two things about it

1 is what the packet size you are using  i think it ranges from 1 to 1000  from reading up on it

2 is what the que length your using

Or is a secret you cant tell  us 


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On 12/24/2019 at 1:52 PM, Netduma Fraser said:

I've asked the team for an update but may not hear anything until after the holidays, sorry for the delay.

Any update

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Im having a problemwith using two routers together

When i do this it bypasses my traffic prioratization hyper traffic

i want to use my openwrt router first in the setup but if i do this  then i lose my traffic prioratization  when it passes through this router

as this router dosent have traffic priortiaztion so i want to create it on the router 

btw my setup has to have openwrt first

As im using a few programes from it but if i use it secondly i cant use the programmes 


If i have my netdumar1 first in my setup and i prioratized ports for cod mw my hit registration is brilliant but i cant use the features on my openwrt router so this is not an option

If i want to use these features the openwrt router has to be first in my setup and then traffic prioratization dosent work  ass my hit detection is crap no matter what i try


So i am trying to recreate your hpertraffic algorthyme with reacive on my openwrt

I hope i made sence

Its either reactive algorthyme  or hyper traffic thats making my hit dection great on the older firmware

On the newer firmware  i cant  get my hit detection  as good as it is on the older firware

So i want to recreatre  reactive and hypertraffick on my openwrt router so i can upgrade to newer firmware



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