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Modern Warfare settings xr300

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hi, pls excuse my bad english.

i bought a new XR300 router.. connectet via PPPoe to a Fritzbox on a DSL line 100/40 

i have set QoS and Antibufferbloat enabled get A+ Ratings with 50% down and 80% up.. but it dosnt seem to work.. i always have the feeling iam a sec behind.. always have first shot/first Die moments ingame...

my ping is normaly between 25 and 35 .. 


i also have the problem that traffic priorisation don´t recognize call of duty.. the light always turnt off after a  few secounds and stays off

what do i make wrong?


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Welcome to the forum!

Are you playing CoD on a console or a PC? If you're playing on a console i'd recommend prioritizing using the "Games Console" profile instead of the "Call Of Duty" profile.

If you open the Anti-Bufferbloat side menu, you can tick Disable QoS. Using this, you can test to see if QoS is what's causing the laggy feeling.

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20 hours ago, blackfirehawk said:

I Play on PC.. and it doesnt feel different with qos disabled...

I didnt have a Call of Duty Profil in my Traffic prio Menu on my xr300

If you don't have that profile then change your PC to a console device type in the Device Manager then add the PC to Traffic Prioritization using the 'console' service. I would suggest you try to saturate your connection as much as possible by doing downloads/streams etc while following this guide and using different Anti-Bufferbloat percentages to find what works best to lower your ping as much as possible and keep it stable: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000074717-how-to-test-your-internet-ping

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okay..i hard reset the Router

after that i changet  all profils ..in hardware manager.. in Qos and in Geo Location to console


deactivating IPV6.. Deactivat Nat

now traffic prio work


but.. i had to set QoS and anti bufferbloat settings multiply time bevor they where really be set and work.. testet it with a Speedtest ..

even with a soft restart . and with a other Browser

after that i hard reset the router, and my isp modem aswell and configure all new

same shit.. it still need multiply times to set a setting bevor they stick


after that i set the Gui Language from German to English.. couse i thought the GUI might be buggy becouse of the german Letters ÄÖÜß


this do the trick.. now settings work as they should


Now i can play without Lag and dosn´t have that shot first/die first moments anymore


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