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The HDD like sound is killing me and my family

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On 12/6/2019 at 10:10 PM, fakkel said:

I think I give up. Alex who told me I would recieve a new one, Jack who just doesn't pick this up (more then a month now) and Fraser who asks me to makr a video when I already recieved a official confirmation through the mail on November 18!

Sorry but I don't really know what to think atm.



@Netduma Jack emailed you a few weeks ago asking for your address. Check your emails for that. Once we've got your address we'll sort it out.

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I recieved the router and it is dead quiet I knew it wasnt me. Wauw the silence it's amazing. The router is running on Firmware version 1.03.6j I would like tp go back to the NetdumaOS but I need to upgrade file I can. I deleted it last time I upgraded my previous os 

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