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Server shows as 'allowed' when I have not specifically allowed it.

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According to the Geo-Filter Legend on page 7 of the XR500 User Manual, the server in my picture has been 'allowed'. However, I have not allowed it.

This server on the east coast of Ireland pops into view at regular intervals (10 - 20 seconds) when I am playing on the PS4, but as you can see, my 'Allow and Deny' list is clear. Nowhere else on the world map do I get any allowed server icons appearing - just this one in Ireland. If I turn off Auto Ping Host and try to manually ping it, I get no response from it 😕

Q1. What is this mysterious server?

Q2. While I'm on the subject of allow and deny, I see players outside of my radius showing as Blocked Player triangles. What does this actually do? Surely those players will be able to join a dedicated server which I am connected to even though they are outside of my radius? Is this just for matchmaking purposes and DumaOS will not match me to a server with those players, but they would be able to join the server during a game? How are blocked players outside of my radius handled?

Thank you for any help.



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The Geo-Filter has a whitelist that we update frequently. This whitelist contains what we refer to as "authentication servers". These are servers that are required for games to run. Usually these servers log you in, check your purchases, that kind of thing. They don't actually host gameplay.

The idea behind whitelisting them is that it should stop you from being able to stop your game from functioning.

In future we may add a button allowing you to ignore the whitelist, or to just hide the whitelisted servers from the map. I think the whitelist is a good feature but it's unclear and can be confusing to new users.


Blocked players, or peers, outside of your radius, will be prevented from connecting directly to you. If they connect to a dedicated server that is within your radius, then the Geo-Filter can do nothing about it. Peers would only be blocked from making a direct connection. Most games use dedicated servers so it's largely irrelevant.

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Hi Netduma Alex,

Thanks for your reply.

The whitelisted servers now makes sense 😀

Regarding blocked players, I think I understand! So, the blocked player triangles are [obviously] allowed on the dedicated server that I might also be connected to, even though they are outside my radius. But, if by some chance I became a peer host for the game session, those players would not be able to connect to me as a server?

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