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Any decent config for Destiny 2 pvp on Steam? (PC)

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1 hour ago, thewilloxdiaz said:

Same here. Never had the dumaOS and still on that version and i signed up years ago.

The form on that website wasn't set up years ago, just this year. You may be thinking of the newsletter from way back! If you signed up using the form from above then post here and we can send it to you:


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On 10/17/2019 at 7:40 AM, wrighty338 said:

iv just got back to D2

I loaded the destiny profile, i have my PC in the geo-filter as a PSN device, and geo filter seems to be keeping things in check in regards to hosts so far set at around 600 miles.

Feel a bit left out on this old firmware though wish i had dumaOS

Me too.

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