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Anti bufferbloat 20%

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44 minutes ago, Zennon said:

I would test the Apple devices with duma classified games off to rule that out.

I’ve not got my XR500 setup at the moment. Im using a different router at the mo. I’ll probably wait for the new milestone to appear and give it another bash at some point 

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14 minutes ago, Mobel said:

What is the best to do to get it stable as possible ?


I just leave my normal setting. (70/70) You can't fix this with ABB as it's on their end.


I use google for reference but it really doesn't matter as they all connect to AMS-IX anyway. I normally get 8ms but I get spikes over 30ms sometimes. It's one of their servers:


I played MW yesterday and it played ok altough I did feel the enemies were very fast shooting at me LOL.


Then I was getting my ass kicked in BO3 where I did see some connection weirdness.

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