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Only use Netduma's Geo-Filter feature, but use qos function from Asus Router

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As my Asus QoS is far more superior than Netduma's it has better algorithms and better consistency in Black Ops 4, I would like to use Qos function provided by Asus RT-AC88u. 

But I also want to keep such unique Geo-Filter feature from Netduma with Anti-Bufferbloat turned off. 

Is there anyway to do this ? 

does dmz method help?

Thank you

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Well i've never tried anything like this, but I think it could work.

  • Have the ASUS router connected to your modem, apply your QoS settings
  • Connect the LAN port of the ASUS to the WAN port on your R1
  • Go to System Information on R1, write down WAN IP, put this WAN IP into the DMZ on the ASUS
  • Go to QoS on R1, Anti-Bufferbloat menu, tick Disable QoS
  • Connect gaming device to R1, add to Geo-Filter
  • Use Geo-Filter as you normally would

Hopefully, by putting the WAN IP into the DMZ of the ASUS, you'll avoid any double-NAT issues.

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