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I am new to the forum and this is my first time setting up a router.


I am having an issue with the ping on the netgear xr500. I attempted to install it with the DM200 but that was unsuccesful, so i have resorted to using the sky router and having the XR500 in the DMZ with wireless turned off (the sky router has no modem mode hence why i purchased the DM200).

My ping has increased from around 25m/s to 45m/s. I have placed my PS4 in a DMZ and tried port forwarding and upnp (not all at the same time, seperately. I have also changed DNS servers, used the geofilter and QOS as described on the forums). I have attached a traceroute of me contacting the ea servers but i am struggling to understand what it means. Can anyone see what my issue may be?.

 1 (  10.366 ms  9.741 ms  11.572 ms

 2 (  9.423 ms  10.203 ms  11.037 ms

 3  * * *

 4  be451.pr2.enlba.isp.sky.com (  44.027 ms  42.916 ms  42.682 ms

 5  rackspace-ip81-27.no-dns-yet.lonap.net (  42.949 ms  42.129 ms  42.984 ms

 6  * * *

 7 (  42.413 ms (  42.865 ms  44.874 ms

 8  corea-core6.lon3.rackspace.net (  53.355 ms  42.375 ms

    coreb-core6.lon3.rackspace.net (  42.569 ms

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Hi there,

How are you connecting to the XR500 (wired or wireless)?

I recommend you run two PingPlotter tests - one going through the XR500 and one when you're directly connected to the Sky modem/router. Follow this guide on how to do this: http://forum.netduma.com/topic/23881-ping-plotter-quick-guide/

If there's a difference, post your results here and we'll help you.

If they're the same, then I think your connection is likely to be good. You can then focus on optimising DumaOS to get the best connections: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/folders/16000090646

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  1. All of my connections are wired.
  2. I have completed the tests on the xr500 and sky hub, files are connecting to twitter. I have completed a second test to the ea servers with both which I have attached.From what I can see the ping is quite similar but slightly higher on the xr500. However I don't fully understand what I am seeing, can you spot any issues (sorry for being a noob)
  3. I have also attached a photo from the geofilter when I'm connecting to the ea servers through the ps4 and it is 45 m/s , when I use the pingplotter it comes out at 30m/s for the ea servers is there a way to get my ps4 in line with this?.
  4. When I run a speed test on the PS4 it comes out at between 40-50m/s which is much higher than my laptop through pingplotter. I have the PS4 in a DMZ and have done all the priority and buffer stuff. I have also tried the port forwarding, I have also rolled back the firmware to allow me to prioritise the traffic through the fifa ports using the custom traffic prioritisation rules.I have also used dns benchmark to find my best dns servers. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for your help

XR500 to Twitter


Sky Hub to Twitter

sky hub.png

XR500 to EA Servers

ea server xr500.png

Sky Hub to EA serversea server sky.pngo

Geo Filter Fifa Ping

fifa ping.png

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Hi Anderson, your base ping seems to be around 25ms. There is negligible additional ping added from the XR500 so thats not a problem. I would generally expect there to be around 20ms increase from base ping to a game server unless you're very close to it which is the case with the game server you've pinged on Ping Plotter. The game server you have got on the Geo-Filter is in Germany which is why the ping to it is higher. If in the past you've thought that because your base ping is 25ms that thats what your game ping is then thats incorrect I'm afraid. 

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16 minutes ago, Anderson Silva said:

Thank you for taking a look for me. Do you know if it’s possible to set the geo filter to find the UK ea server as it only ever connects me to the one in Germany.


Yes just make your radius smaller to just include the UK, that will block any servers outside the radius including Germany. Keep in mind it may take slightly longer to get a game by doing this as you're restricting the amount of games available. Also depends if there is a server for your game in the UK. The one you pinged may not necessarily be used for your game but another ea game

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