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BO4 slow search issues STUN related?

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I was testing a few things earlier and one thing kept standing out as weird, bo4's connection using port 1024 udp outbound.

Why's that weird? because it usually uses 3075 outbound (xbox ports).


Freshly rebooted R1, load black ops 4 blackout and it is using port 3075 outbound.

Game over, back to menu screen to launch another blackout game. none of the servers show up. no peers. game keeps expanding search.

Restart game, and now it's using port 1024 outbound instead of 3075, and takes longer to find a game but will connect to the dedi 1024->30000+

Restart game, and it's still 1024 outbound. upnp screen shows 3074/3075, xbox nat open, game open nat


So wondering if this is a possible series of events that lead to the no games/servers

  • Game load, local port 3075 connects to a named(dns) demonware stun server on 3074 which should return an external ip it saw and what port it saw.
  • game Connects port 3075->30000+ dedi server quickly and have a game
  • game ends, can't find a new game and servers don't show up (for a period of time)
  • game connects to demonware stun server eventually using the first available unprivileged port 1024 or can reload bo4 to speed up the process
  • game now connects port 1024 to the demonware stun server
  • bo4 now uses local 1024->30000+ dedi servers until router was rebooted again which went back to port 3075

Is there something in the geofilter logic that makes it use 1024 after it it was using 3075?

I didn't get enough time to keep testing in blackout, because there wasn't enough people to start a game for a long long long time in pregame lobby, but it was mostly repeatable with the outgoing port changing

Maybe someone else will find it's doing something similar for them also


edit from here.multiplayer stuff

today i tried to get a mp game going and it wouldn't find any players. check in game and it's now reporting nat moderate. r1 has forwarded 3074 and 3075 listed in upnp still.

outgoing/incoming connections were now using port 1024.

reboot the r1, and like clockwork the game started using port 3075 outgoing/incoming and nat was open again in game. 

we don't have a way to check iptables or conntrack to see what is going on, but being the only wired device on the r1, you have to wonder if it was trapped in a table from a logic issue or conntrack needs a flush

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