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XR500 VPN Service kills NAT'd services when enabled

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I have a number of services running through an NGINX proxy.  which work fine until I enable the VPN Service.  As soon as I tick that box no-one can access any services I publish to the internet and the VPN Client cannot connect either.  It seems that the XR500 just throws up a firewall and blocks all incoming traffic.  I've restarted the router after enabling but this makes no difference.  Even Remote Administration stop s working after approx 2 mins after the router restarts when the VPN Service is enabled or as soon as I enable the VPN Service manually.  

My settings are:


If I leave UDP ticked the VPN Service will not enabled at all when clicking the apply button.  Instead the subframe refuses to load and I have clk out and back in again and start all over.  

This just seems like a very specific issue that should have been fixed in alpha if not beta releases.  It just doesn't seem to be provide what it states on the tin.

Can anyone advise if you have to do anything other than tick the enable tick box to get this working?

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